Green Toad Bus: Backpacking South America

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If you’re planning a South America trip, Green Toad Bus offers affordable bus travel in South America making it easy to meet others on your trip. 

They offer cheap bus passes for buses within Peru, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. So if you’re worried about not being able to speak the lingo, you have that added reassurance that you can still get around. It takes the stress out of knowing which bus to book and how to plan your route, especially if you are travelling extensively throughout the continent.

Green Toad Bus: Backpacking South America

Backpacking South America

Backpacking South America can take a lot of planning. The continent is vast and the distances long, plus if you don’t know some basic Spanish phrases then you may not feel that confident about booking everything independently. With the bus passes you can still travel independently but it’s so much easier and you may even meet people on the bus to your destination that you can travel with afterwards.

Travel passes vary depending on your route. Choose a Beaches & Iguazu Falls hop in Brazil, Andes to Deserts hop in Peru, Buenos Aires Rapido hop from Santiago to Argentina and many more. Just choose your bus ticket or travel planner pass, then decide how long you want to spend in each place. Check the departure and arrival times and then go!

Bus passes have a recommended number of days and a fixed route (depending on your ticket) such as: Cusco – Arequipa – Colca Canyon – Nazca – Huacachina – Paracas – Lima.  They can be a variety of transport from a tourist bus to a semi-bed bus or transfer. The price doesn’t include accommodation – unless it’s travelling overnight – or any meals and you’ll need to make your way to and from the local bus terminals.

South America Tours For Backpackers

In addition to the passes they also offer short backpacker trips and treks across South America to give you a complete travel experience. Just choose one or more of the activities if your bus passes starts or end in a destination or just passes through. You could find yourself taking a schooner boat cruise around Brazils tropical islands, getting up close and personal to the Iguazu Falls or learning about life in a favela when travelling with Green Toad Bus Brazil.

Take a dune buggie, go sand boarding or take an overnight trip to the Colca Canyon during your trip to Peru. You don’t have to be solo for any of your time there either, as Green Toad Bus also offers trips to the Floating Reed Islands, Sacred Valley of the Incas and the Temples of the Sun and Moon in Huanchaco. It makes planning your itinerary so much easier and is one of the best ways to travel South America.

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Green Toad Bus: Backpacking South America

Green Toad Bus Reviews

“We started off loving Rio and we ended up just loving Green Toad! The fact that everything was taken care of for us meant that we had absolutely no worries about taking care of booking our transport.” – Charlotte Howell

“Our experience with Green Toad is one we'll never forget. From their ongoing support and helpful service, to their choice of fantastic tours; they did everything possible to ensure we had an unforgettable trip through Bolivia and Peru.” – Laura Gervais

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