Goodbye Miss Lisa

It's time to say goodbye to the nuns and the lama as I finish teaching my very last lesson. We celebrate with an after party of coffee, crisps, biscuits and singing. Then they ask me to dance, so i perform the Macarena and wonder if I really should be thrusting my hips in front of such innocence but they join in, giggling in unison.

My four weeks is up and it's a bitter sweet feeling, one of joy for being a step towards returning home and one of sadness as I will miss their eager little faces, will miss them repeating each word I say in chorus and miss them calling me ‘Miss Lisa.'

My class

Being able to teach such disciplined students has been an honour and has made me realise that they are just like us, normal people following a certain path except theirs isn't one of debauchery but of a spiritual nature.

And as I leave with the promise of staying in touch, I know that I have made bonds that will last a lifetime.

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