Goodbye Luxuries

I am now officially a backpacker! I have left the luxury and comfort of my king size bed to sleep on a top bunk and have waved goodbye to the single, alone tourist and embraced my ‘look at me travelling by myself' backpacker ego.

But there are a few lessons I have realised on the way to my new status…

Lesson 1 – Stop looking scruffy. Just because you're a backpacker doesn't mean you have to wear tatty, tramp like clothes. (memo to myself to buy new clothes and dump the hideous brown t-shirt).

Lesson 2 – Keep the safari wear for the safari and don't wear around town (not a good look).

Lesson 3 – Don't forget to put sunblock on your hands.

Hideous brown t-shirt on top of Table Mountain

View of Cape Town from Table Mountain

Camps Bay – where SA Heat magazine snap their celebs

p.s husband number 2 is definately not on this tour: just a group of Chinese, too many couples and a bloke called Andy.

Tomorrow, wine tasting and my first night in a tent on my African encounter…

If you're looking to travel to South Africa as a solo traveller, read the Solo Travel in South Africa guide for inspiration. 

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