Goodbye Africa

So, my adventure in Africa has come to an end.

It's hard to believe I arrived in Cape Town 40 days ago, a pale, excited tourist and have been transformed into a sun burnt, hardcore camper,  travelling through numerous borders since.

I've trekked 30km across Malawi; danced with a witchdoctor; tackled some locals; paraglided across sand dunes and seen the most amazing stars and African sunsets with the most incredible people.

Hanging with the kids

But, it hasn't all been great. There are a few moments that I would like to forget; the incredible storms and wet tent; the scary spider/scorpion in the desert and the sound of hyenas as we camped in a safari park, but it wouldn't be Africa if you didn't take the rough with the smooth.

I am returning home a different person. A new refined me; confident, stress-free and finally looking forward to my future. Africa is a continent where anything and everything can happen but one thing is for sure… it is not for the faint hearted.

The journey

N.b. I booked my trip with Africa Travel Company  who organise trips from 2 – 56 days.             Africa Travel Co. support responsible travel throughout Southern and East Africa.


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