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Who would have thought that my research trip to Israel would have turned out to be so fruitful? After a stream of fateful events, I found myself sat in a conference room surrounded by entrepreneurs, great business minds and the creme of the hostel industry. And as tourists meandered the cobbled alleys of the old city outside Jerusalem's Menachem Begin Heritage Center, I actually worked.

Me working!

The World Hostel Conference is a global event held every year. This year it was the turn for one of the oldest cities in the world – Jerusalem and participants from all over the globe descended on the Holy City for three days of presentations, networking and socialising.

The event organised by Gomio.com and Abraham Hostel covered updates on the world hostel scene, responsible tourism and trends in online travel as well as ‘next generation' hostels. I had my finger on the pulse of the hostel industry and spent my hours frantically recording as much information as I could, ready for the launch of my solo woman website.

Then, after a few days of working, it was time to throw a few shapes at the closing event at The Toy Bar, a club bar with the best local DJ's that Jerusalem has to offer.

One great tip before planning your next trip, is to check out gomio.com an exciting social booking platform which allows you to book 5000 hostels worldwide as well as connecting with other travelers by seeing who else will be there in the same hostel and city- perfect for the solo traveller.

As for me – I am planning my next trip and looking forward to next year's conference in Boston!

Great minds come together to discuss the global hostel industry

I travelled to Israel as a solo traveller. If you're looking to travel to Israel alone, there's lots of advice to help you plan your trip on the Girl about the Globe website.

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  1. Matt

    Hey Lisa,

    thanks for attending the world hostel conference, we were very glad to see you! This is a great post and summary, thank you so much!

    We hope to see you in Boston for the World Hostel Conference!


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