Girls Only Accommodation in Europe

As much as I love male company you just can't beat girls only accommodation especially for getting a good night's sleep. They are generally cleaner (sorry boys), quieter at night (less chance of snoring), and pink!

Although you can choose to stay in girls only dorms in the majority of hostels, there are now certain areas and even whole hostels and hotels that are dedicated to just girls only. So if you're travelling through Europe, here's my pick of the best.

    Plus Hostels – Europe

Plus Hostels are all over Europe – Berlin, Prague, Florence and even camping grounds in other parts of Italy. The hostel chain has created a girls only section available in the city hostels with pink rooms, duvets, towels, free soap and shampoo, big lockers to store your stuff and hairdryers (so you don't need to bring one). There's even a spa area (for boys and girls) with a pool and a sauna and if you stay in the Florence one, you'll find a Turkish bath tucked away too, oh as well as a gym – all for the price of a hostel. I stayed in the Florence, Prague and Berlin one and met some lovely girls in the dorms. They are really sociable and have a huge common area (where you'll find everyone using the Wifi), a restaurant and a bar with themed nights. It does cost a few Euros more to stay in the Plus Girls section but it really is worth it.

Plus Hostel

My favourite hostel was the one in Berlin. This hostel is huge, has an amazing vibe, a great buffet breakfast and multi-lingual staff (and a free weekly yoga session). It’s in a really cool area of Berlin where you can walk along the Berlin Wall and riverside then party in the Matrix nightclub just yards away from the hostel.

Whilst my stay was complimentary here, each opinion is my own and I loved the place!

Plus Hostels

    Hostelle – Amsterdam

This hostel is slightly out of town but being a girls only hostel (no boys allowed anywhere), I just had to try it. I did have to ask for directions when I got outside of the train station as they've cleverly turned an office building into the hostel but on the plus side – there is 24 hour security which is perfect for women travelling alone. It actually feels more like a community than a hostel and rather than go into Amsterdam for the evening, I chose to follow the crowd and change into my comfy pyjamas and watch the Dirty Dancing movie that had been chosen from the comprehensive dvd library.


It was just like having one large slumber party and the best thing of all was that you could walk around feeling comfortable in your pjs. The bathrooms in Hostelle have full-length mirrors and the beds were so comfy. Being a girl travelling by herself, it was really easy to meet other girls here and it's actually cheaper than staying right in town. The extra touches such as complimentary sweets on the reception desk and an area with yoga mats (plus an incredibly clean modern kitchen) make this a fab hostel to stay in.


    La Maison Blanche – France

Okay, confession time, I haven’t stayed here yet (it’s not open until April 2014) but if the description is anything to go by, this will be a great place for girls only and I'll definitely be checking it out when it opens.

La Maison Blanche has been designed primarily for solo women travellers; it’s welcoming, relaxing and safe and is perfect for women of any age, solo or in a group, to enjoy the wonders of the South of France. The house was built in approximately 1800, and is architecturally stunning with a stone winding staircase at the heart of the house. It has been renovated to a high standard, with modern bathrooms and showers. Situated in the middle of the town, 2 minutes from the town square, it’s a great location for a short getaway.

Limoux is an ancient town with so much to offer its visitors. With a busy local market, packed with local artisan producers and farmers, the choices are endless for presents for home or just for you. Limoux is a 25 minute journey from Carcassonne, the heart of the Cathar Country and only €1 on the train.  The river Aude runs through Limoux, which is not only picturesque but offers various water sports such as kayaking and boating. There is public swimming pool very nearby too. The proximity to the countryside means long walks are easily accessible or you may prefer to sit in the town square drinking Café Crème watching the world go by.

Limoux has 18 restaurants and bars catering for all needs, including a fabulous organic vegetarian restaurant. La piece de resistance is the local wine. Blanquette was discovered before Champagne, and is lightly bubbly, creamy and jolly reasonable at €8 a bottle!


There is as much or as little to do as you want; You can visit the Wine Caves, learn about winemaking and sample the produce; you may want to practice yoga in the garden and meditate; you may want to have a cookery day where you can cook gorgeous food from locally sourced produce but if you want to read, mooch about and completely relax, then the House for Knackered Women is for you and will give you some well-earned thinking time. All the time being looked after by Jules the lovely manager.

La Maison Blanche opens on 19th April and the price is €250 for 4 nights b&b during the week or the same price for 3 weekend nights. Dinner is an extra €15 which includes local wine and if you don't fancy taking the bus from the airport for €5, there's taxis for €80 or Jules will collect you for €50. It's definitely the place to rest, relax, rejuvenate and make lots of new friends!

For more details contact Jules Chard at [email protected] or check out the La Maison Blanche website 

   Have you stayed in girls only accommodation? 

3 thoughts on “Girls Only Accommodation in Europe

  1. Yara Coelho

    I’ve heard and read about the female only hostels.

    I have mix feelings about them. Yes, girls are likely to snore less. If there’s one thing that drives me crazy, are the sleepless nights at mix dorms, no ear plugs can silence the noise. .

    On the other hand, (my experience) is that girls leave their million shoes and clothes spread everywhere as if the whole room was a walk in closet. Sometimes there is a bit of “bitchiness” which is something that seems to happen when too many girls stay together.
    And I’m not sure I could deal with pink everywhere, hahaha

    I actually think there’s more harmony in places that welcome both genders, I think this is a form of sexism which excludes people based on gender only. I enjoy meeting and making friendships with both males and females equally, But I’m really happy you’ve shared your experience, since I’ve been very curious about them.


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