Ginger Kern

Ginger is the inspiring founder behind the Traveler’s Mindset, a movement to get people out of their comfort zone and into the zone where the magic happens. A TEDx speaker and Global Shaper as part of the World Economic Forum, Ginger speaks at events around the United States to share how Americans can travel, live, and work abroad.

In this honest and open interview Ginger discusses everything from travelling solo to how to keep the traveler's mindset when you return home.

Ginger covers:

  • How she fell in love with travelling at the age of 14 and how her love of books propelled her on a journey of adventure to 25 countries.
  • Her first experience of overseas during a trip to Germany. 
  • The most common reasons that people give for not travelling.
  • The one place that she has visited which has surprised her.
  • The mission behind her movement – Traveler's Mindset, and how easy it can be to develop a traveler's mindset. Plus you don’t have to jump on a plane to do it.
  • Why she believes many Americans don’t travel overseas.
  • How solo travel can be a tool for personal transformation.
  • The ethics of travel and the key to living a life of adventure.
  • Her work with The Passport Project, a non-profit organisation which opens the door to transformational experiences through travel.
  • Her advice for someone who is looking to travel solo for the first time and is having doubts about doing it.
  • The Travel Savvy Ecourse – Ginger’s ecourse to help Americans take their first step abroad without the hassle, worry and stress so they can have more fun and more adventures overseas.

Ginger Kern

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Watch Ginger’s inspiring TEDx Talk on The Key To Living a Life of Adventure. Watch here…

The Travel Savvy ecourse – the ultimate guide to traveling abroad, stress-free. 

Join the Traveler's Mindset movement – to get people out of their comfort zone and into the zone where the magic happens. Find out more…

Global Shapers – A community of young people making a difference in their local country. 

The Passport Project – committed to financially supporting young Americans to travel. 

If you want to contact Ginger reach out to her though her website –

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