Getting Over a Divorce: My African Adventure

Stopping for lunch


We've been driving for days and are 5 days into our overlanding trip.

It's fun, being on the road, driving for hours until we reach a place we can call home each night. Stopping at gas stations to fill up on water and food supplies, then just crusing again, across bumpy roads to our next destination before setting up camp for the evening.

And with each kilometre that we travel, I can feel myself slipping further and further away from the old me. Letting go of everything that was holding me back and leaving behind all my worries.

I finally feel carefree and alive again and ready to discover the new me…


Sossusvlei Desert


Today, my divorce will be announced in court (at 15.25 to be exact), calling the time on my two year marriage. It's strange when it hits you – usually the times that you don't expect.

It was on the long ride to Zambia from Zimbabwe that I broke down. Silently sobbing on the back of the truck. Visions of my wedding day; of crying through my vows, so overwhelmed by the happiness I had felt at the reality of marrying the man I truly loved and had thought, was my destiny.

You never think it will ever end. You never think that in a fleeting moment in the future, you could be remembering that day with such an immense sadness; watching the world passing you by through your tears.

But as one chapter closes, another one opens and you never know what is around the corner… especially in crazy Africa…

‘What you looking at?'

Goodbye Africa

So, my adventure in Africa has come to an end.

It's hard to believe I arrived in Cape Town 40 days ago, a pale, excited tourist and have been transformed into a sun burnt, hardcore camper,  travelling through numerous borders since.

I've trekked 30km across Malawi; danced with a witchdoctor; tackled some locals; paraglided across sand dunes and seen the most amazing stars and African sunsets with the most incredible people.

Hanging with the kids

But, it hasn't all been great. There are a few moments that I would like to forget; the incredible storms and wet tent; the scary spider/scorpion in the desert and the sound of hyenas as we camped in a safari park, but it wouldn't be Africa if you didn't take the rough with the smooth.

I am returning home a different person. A new refined me; confident, stress-free and finally looking forward to my future. Africa is a continent where anything and everything can happen but one thing is for sure… it is not for the faint hearted.


The journey

N.b. I booked my trip with Africa Travel Company  who organise trips from 2 – 56 days.  Africa Travel Co. support responsible travel throughout Southern and East Africa.


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