If you’re planning your travels for 2023, many countries require you to get a visa before entering your destination. That’s why I always recommend checking the visa recommendations for the country that you’re travelling to before you book a flight ticket. Countries have visas in place to ensure that they know who is entering a country and you can either apply through the country’s government website (if it’s just a eVisa) or use a service provider such as Natvisa.com

Who Is Natvisa?

Natvisa is a service provider that is situated in Colorado. Depending on the type of visa that you require you can try and apply for it yourself but going through this company makes processing your visa application easier.

This is because they offer all different types of visas and have an extensive service where you can apply for the documents online. The also offer a better approval rate and the whole process is affordable and convenient, especially if you don’t like dealing with paperwork.

Once your application is approved, the company will send you your visa document through email and then all you have to do is print it off. Plus, all the visa documents that Natvisa helps you to obtain are both legal and reliable.

Some Destinations They Assist In

You can obtain traveler visas for various countries whether you’re choosing to travel to European countries, North America or other worldwide destinations. These are the top three destinations that they are able to assist you with.

1. Spain

Spain is a great place for solos to travel to. It offer delicious tapas, flamenco dancing and Spanish guitar, and plenty of historical and cultural sites to visit. This European country sits in the Schengen zone and requires you to have an authorised document to visit. You can either enter on a Schengen visa which includes multiple other countries within the EU or another option you have is by applying for a Spain ETIAS. This is a travel document that doesn’t require you to get a visa for entry if you’re from an eligible country.

One of the advantages about Natvisa.com is that they can help you obtain both of these visas for Spain. You can apply for a tourist visa if you’re not from an eligible country to get the ETIAS. But it can take weeks to process an application so make sure to plan ahead as soon as you know that you’re going.

2. Thailand

Thailand is such a great country for solos. There are so many other women travelling there solo that you’re bound to have company during your trip. But only citizens of 23 countries are eligible to get a Thailand eVisa before they arrive.

If you do need a visa to travel here, it can be a bit challenging having to apply from a government website. You must meet the basic requirements and apply using a valid passport.

If you’re from an eligible country, Natvisa can help you to get your travel document as you won’t have to worry about having it rejected if you have filled out the wrong information on the form. Before you apply for any visa though you should always recheck your form to prevent any possible rejection and to avoid the hassle of having to reapply.

3. Australia

Another popular tourist destination for all types of travelers especially solos is Australia. It’s a country whether you can explore the outback, learn about the Aboriginal peoples and spot a kangaroo and a koala.

Foreigners must have a legal document to enter the country for both tourism and business purposes. Whether you travelling there on an Australia ETA and eVisitor or wish to apply for a permanent residential visa, you can easily apply for the document through Natvisa. Just remember to print your approval letters for your visa type for easier entry into the country.

Natvisa Vs Gov Websites

As I mentioned earlier, the two options you have when applying for a visa are applying through an intermediate service provider or directly through the government website.

If you do decide to use a service provider such as Natvisa, all you need to do is complete an online form and they will place your visa application using the information that you have provided.

You don’t have to worry about uploading the wrong size photo either as they will resize your images to meet the resolution and the size needed. The company also accepts different formats for photos and will change the format as per the government website’s needs.

You don’t get this type of service if you do it yourself through a government website and your application would be rejected if the requirements they have set haven’t been met.

If you’re unsure about applying for a visa, Natvisa can be a better option than government websites for processing visa applications. You can submit electronic documents and avoid the risk of rejection due to technicalities such as incorrect image size.

Customer Service Support

And if you get stuck, they have great customer service with friendly and responsive staff. Plus, an email option is also available for getting in touch with reliable operators. You won’t have to wait long to get a reply and you also use the company’s online inquiry form to learn more about your ongoing application. You can find all application details on their website.