Safety is the biggest concern for women travelling solo that’s why we are excited to announce a partnership with GeoSure, our Girl about the Globe travel safety reassurance partner.

GeoSure’s mission is to help make the world a safer place for everyone and they have created an award-winning travel app ideal for women travelling solo.

Their revolutionary travel safety management tool allows travellers to customise their experience to be uniquely suited to them. They provide women’s safety scores down to the neighbourhood level on a global scale, giving a safer and more predictable travel experience.

About GeoSure

With more of us choosing to travel the world solo, it is so important to be informed about safety.

GeoSure is the only personalised, location-sensitive safety awareness app on the market. Using safety, security and health data, they are able to provide continuously updated safety scores for every popular destination and major cities about the globe. You can even check individual neighbourhoods meaning that you can travel with confidence, knowing which areas are safe and which ones to avoid.

It works by displaying a score from 1 to 100 for each location. Factors such as physical harm, women’s safety, theft, political freedoms, health and medical and overall safety are considered for the GeoSafeScores. The lower the score, the safer the location.

It enables a safer and more predictable travel experience. From realtime push notifications, to helping find safe spaces during times of uncertainty, their app empowers female travellers to travel with confidence.

Download their app for FREE here 

How GeoSure Works

GeoSure offers tools to empower women travellers such as voice enabled check-ins and the SafeRefuge networks in times of need. GeoSure’s platform enables a realtime, hyper-local, hyper-personal, inclusive safety experience and is the first and only platform to provide women’s safety scores, scaled over 43,000 locations worldwide.

It provides up-to-date crime statistics, from theft to women’s safety and LGBTQ safety for the area you’re visiting. The Check-In function allows you to quickly alert friends or family via Email and SMS text. GeoSure is Siri voice enabled to send a Check-in to your contacts as quickly as saying, “Hey Siri…”

The Safety Awareness Tripwire allows you to receive down to the second alerts and notifications when nearing or entering an area of high or acute risk.

Find SafeRefuge allows you to get to safety quickly, no matter the situation. GeoSure has developed the GeoSafeAlliance, a consortium of leading hotels who meet the highest criteria as safety stewards able to provide SafeRefuge for women who need assistance or shelter in a crisis. They’ll even point the way – whether on foot, in a vehicle or public transit.

Michael Becker, the founder believes that, “Expressing safety in a way that empowers travelers with the safety information they need, instead of heightening anxiety, enriches the travel experience and keeps people traveling again and again.”

The GeoSure App

GeoSure is available for iOS and Android devices. The app is free but they also offer a premium version called GeoSure Pro, which enables you to stay alert and keep connected wherever you are travelling around the globe. Check time of day trends and view how scored change and trends based on time of day in a specific location, personalise scores based on how you plan to travel and your travel experience, build trip itineraries, get travel insights and enable tripwire safety awareness alerts and speech-enabled safety check-ins.

GeoSure’s mission is a safer and more predictable world and their data is used by over 15 million users! With their core vision to enhance the travel experience and improve safety understanding, we think this app is perfect for women travelling alone and are proud to be their partner.

Download their app for FREE here