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Do you have a desire to travel the world? Whether you are new to solo travel and are feeling overwhelmed as to where to start, don't have the money to do it, or don't feel confident enough to explore the world alone, we've created some empowering resources to help you get on the road to your dream solo trip. Just click on the button below to begin your solo journey...

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101 Solo Travel Tips

Learn essential travel tips for solo travel 

101 Solo Travel Tips

Essential tips from solo female travellers on how to get the most out of your solo trip such as making sure you have enough local currency left for departure tax, and ensuring that you have at least six months left on your passport. 

More than 100 expert tips including: tips for planning your trip, money tips, packing advice, safety tips, advice on accommodation and the practical things, and many more.

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3 Easy Self-Defence Moves 

Looking after your mind, body & soul

Travelling solo can be so empowering. It really makes us feel as though we can accomplish anything.

But, as amazing as solo travel is, it’s still useful to know some self-defence moves before we travel. Being equipped with some basic moves can make us feel even more confident and prepared for our trip.

Learn 3 easy self defence moves for added confidence for your trip.


Empowerment For Your Trip 

Feel more confident and empowered to travel 

If you’re unsure if you can travel solo, we’ll lead you through the travel myths and the road blocks to show you the transformation that solo travel brings.

If you have a desire to travel but everyone is telling you not to travel alone, or maybe you feel that you can't do it: you own a home, you have a job and you feel that it's just not accessible to you, then learn about the common travel myths and how you can overcome them to make your dream a reality.


Save Money on Your Trip

How to save money on your solo travels

There’s no doubt about it, travelling costs money, especially solo travelling. The less money you spend, the longer you can stay on the road, and making some little changes can really add up. If you’re thinking that you can’t afford to travel, we want to show you that you can have that affordable solo adventure. 

Get access to the video where I share my top 3 tips for affordable travel. 


What NOT To Do When Travelling Solo

Feel more confident travelling solo for the first time

If you’ve never travelled solo before you may be feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Discover what not to do when travelling alone with these eight pieces of advice that every first-time solo should know.

Although each destination has its own culture and customs, there are a few universal tips that apply no matter where you travel in the world. Find out what you shouldn’t do when travelling solo with this free PDF.