How to Fly Business Class For Cheaper

As travellers we can spend hours flying around in the air, and hanging around at airports. Flying first or even business class is not usually something that many of us can afford. And for the majority of solos it may seem out of reach for our bucket list. The best we may hope to experience is premium economy, with a little more leg room and china crockery to dine on.  

Most of us are used to the restricted legroom, having to wait for our airline food (if we get any at all), and having to entertain ourselves on long flights with no in-flight entertainment. And unless we’re lucky enough to bag the emergency exit seats, we’re used to overnight flights without much sleep. But what if we could have a different flying experience and fly First Class for cheaper

What if we could fly even Business Class and have better service, lots of leg room and a slap-up meal? What if we had access to an airport lounge with free drinks, nibbles and a comfy chair before getting on the plane and enjoying a good night’s sleep in a flat bed? 

Of course we can enjoy a taster of this when upgrading to premium economy but travelling in Business or even First Class could make our flights so much more enjoyable.

They say that once you go business class you’ll never look back and if you fly with Emirates, don’t expect anything but the best. They even have an onboard bar for their business class passengers. Plus fly First Class and expect to be able to have a shower in one of the onboard bathrooms. Airline luxury at its best!

Most of us may think that it is a luxury which we can’t afford, but is it really that costly? 

Flying business class for cheaper

Inside Business Class (photo by Alan Light)

Flying Business and First Class for Cheaper

Instead of paying the sky-high prices on airline websites, it’s possible to get discounted First Class and Business Class fares through an agency instead.

This way we can save thousands of pounds, get a ticket which is ATOL and ABTA Protected and also have our hotel and airport transfer arranged at the same time. It definitely takes the stress out of travelling solo and having to organise it ourselves. Plus we can even get our hands on a hard to get ticket for our favourite theatre show or concert. 

Can you imagine flying First Class on award-winning airlines such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, or Virgin Atlantic? Imagine experiencing the creme de la creme of air travel and being treated like a VIP for your entire flight. 

First class starts before you even arrive at the airport with transport arranged to pick you up, and take you to your chosen destination when you land. Your bed becomes a pod or suite with your own privacy, your food turns into that worthy of a Michelin star, and your drink? Well you even get your own mini-bar so you don’t have to keep bothering the air steward for another glass of champers.  

Plus if you are travelling back home or are off to pastures new to set up expat life, Business and First Class both give you a generous luggage allowance so you can bring that extra suitcase of home comforts with you. 

So next time you tell yourself that Business or First Class is only for celebs, remind yourself that it’s possible and you deserve it, even if it’s just once in your travelling lifetime.

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