Are you new to travelling alone and thinking about going away for first time solo travel? Maybe you have researched, got the the facts but are feeling cautious about going on your own. Or you want to travel, your friends don’t, can’t or just don’t share your obsession with New Zealand. So what are you meant to do? Stay at home, wait until one of the change their mind or just throw caution to the wind and go there anyway (we know which one we’d prefer). For first time solo travel, here are some great resources to get you on your way.

First Time Solo TravelBest Destinations For First Time Solo Travel

Australia – Travelling solo in Australia

Greece – Travelling solo in Greece

New Zealand – Travelling solo in New Zealand

Slovenia – Travelling solo in Slovenia

Thailand – Travelling solo in Thailand

First Time Solo TravelExpert Interviews

Whether you choose to travel to Australia or Vietnam, having first-hand advice from someone who’s been there can be invaluable. They can offer local knowledge, and tell you what the country is really like from their own personal experiences, as well as offering an insider’s point of view and the places that you shouldn’t miss as a solo. Find out more about each country with the expert interview series. Expert Interviews


First Time Solo TravelWe Went Solo!

One of the biggest reasons that women travel is because they enjoy time by themselves, others are because they have decided to be brave, want to follow their own schedule and want to meet new people as they do it. Travel is ageless, no matter how old you think you are, and gives you an education about the world that you would never discover from text books. Get empowered with these real-life stories of women who booked the flight ticket and decided to travel solo. We Went Solo


First Time Solo TravelPlan Your Trip

From which booking sites to use, which insurance to buy to how to choose the best destination for you, you'll find it all within this section. Find out how to pack, which vaccinations you'll need, how to get cheap airfare plus lots more…. Plan Your Trip


First Time Solo TravelOn The Road…

Useful information to know when you're on the road. Tips for how to stay healthy during your first time solo travel, how to get fit and how to avoid travel fatigue. Discover how to meet people and what to do at night as a solo. Find out what to do if something goes wrong and tips for avoiding homesickness. It's all in the On The Road section. 


First Time Solo TravelUseful Websites

You’ve planned your trip but are unsure what to do next. Do you need any vaccinations or malaria tablets, and which plug do you need to take? We’ve got everything covered including the climate, and the absolute essential of which clothes to pack to help you book your solo trip. Useful Websites


First Time Solo TravelBest Places For…

With so many countries in the world, there are just too many places to see. Whether you want to dive in the best ocean, sunbathe on the best beach or trek the best walks in the world, we’ve scouted the globe to bring you the best places for…


Solo Travel Starter KitSolo Travel Starter Kit & Products

Feel confident on your solo trip with the Solo Travel Starter Kit. Includes A Female Guide To Solo Travel, Solo Girl's Survival Kit, Itinerary Organiser, Last-Minute Checklist, Travel Budget Planner. Contains everything you need to get you on your solo adventure whether you are a first-time solo or have travelled solo before. Or buy what you need separately. Find Out More



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