Finding The Right Life

Travelling solo as a woman

“I remember thinking, ‘What am I doing?’ I had a great husband, I had a great house, I had all this safety — this big safety net — and I’ve just taken myself out of it. Am I doing the right thing? What is this going to lead to? It was really difficult. And there were moments on the road when I was just distraught and confused but I think once you take that giant leap of faith, the only way is forward. And it’s only natural to want to go back to something that’s really safe. To go back to your old life but if you just keep going forward, then you learn to trust, in whatever it is you learn to trust in. For me, it’s the universe. I trusted that everything will be okay. And since then doors have opened. I don’t regret that at all. I’m definitely living the right life for me now.”

So exciting! My first ever podcast that I wanted to share with what drives me to keep travelling and how you don't have to be conventional just because society tells you too.

This interview with Daily Travel Podcast is so open and honest so please comment below if you enjoy it. Thanks x

Daily Travel Podcast – Episode 200: Finding the Right Life with Lisa Eldridge




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