Lagoon Beach Hotel


I've finally arrived in Cape Town after 30 hours of travelling and waiting in airports! Lao Tzu, a philosopher once said:

“A good traveller is never intent on arriving.” 

How wrong he was – I couldn't wait to get to the hotel and chill.

Lagoon Beach Hotel

And what a fab hotel.

The Lagoon Beach Hotel is only a few kilometres from the city and as far as hotels in Cape Town go, can you really get a better position than right on the beach? I already feel so relaxed and can't wait to check out the outdoor pool deck in the sun.

The best thing about it is – it's all on my Avios points too so it hasn't even cost me a penny.

My hotel room has more square feet than my old house and is so lush that I could seriously live in it. There's a plasma screen bigger than any I've ever seen before, a king size bed, more than one sofa and a gorgeous view of the sea and kite surfers; what more could a girl ask for?

Well, maybe some sun as the weather is leaving a lot to be desired – cloudy, windy and rain: remind you of anywhere?

View of Table Mountain from my gorgeous hotel room

Lagoon Beach Hotel is a fab hotel and also runs shuttles into and out of the city.


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  1. Rcky

    The Lagoon Beach Hotel where you stay in cape town that’s really looks an awesome. Most of traveler would prefer to stay in such type of fab hotel while on travelling.


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