Fair Trade

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” – Confucius

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a way of sourcing products from local people to enable them to use their skills to earn a liveable wage without fear of exploitation. It encourages fair treatment and sustainability for farmers and workers within the developing world. It’s a way of creating opportunities for local people who struggle to compete with the multi organisations and industry giants.

Fair Trade is a responsible approach to travel and tourism. From cotton and coffee farmers to tribal women crafting unique statues or pieces of jewellery, money that is made is often used for bicycles and new wells to provide water to the village ensuring that the whole community benefits from the partnerships.

How can I buy Fair Trade?

For a conscious traveller, buying fair trade means buying products in line with their values and helping to improve the quality of traditional life all over the world by supporting local agriculture and promoting self-sustainability rather than importing products from another region or country.

Many food products now use the Fairtrade logo and larger companies are understanding the need to work with local producers. Products can range from organic cotton to coffee and food. Over 1,000 farmers in Africa, Asia and South America benefit from Starbucks Fairtrade coffee and others are following in their carbon footsteps. Look for the Fair Trade logo on products.
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Responsibilities of Fair Trade

Fair trade sets out to:

  • Help locals to get a fairer price for their produce and work.
  • Reduce exploitation of child labour.
  • Ensure that working conditions are safe.
  • Create new opportunities for poor villages.
  • Protect local producers with checks on trading practices.

Did you know? That nearly half the world’s population live on less than £2 a day.

Global Handicrafts

Bolivia – AHA Bolivia 

Mongolia – Mary and Martha's

Palestine – Sunbula

Uganda – Feel of Africa

World – Heavenly Treasures

World – SERVV

World – Traid Craft

Alternative Presents

Adopt an Animal

cautionBe aware of buying any crafts made from endangered animals.

Lanna Coffee

Lanna Coffee is a specialty coffee company whose mission is to improve the quality of life for Thai farmers. Buying Lanna Coffee directly helps lift more than 25 hill tribe villages out of poverty. Every bag they sell helps to construct schools, hire teachers and provide clean water assisting in the prevention of water and soil-borne diseases. Villages are taught practical skills and given funds to become self-sufficient. Their coffee is pesticide free and comes in a choice of 5 different blends.

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