This week’s expert interview is Malaysia with Rachel Taylor who is originally from the UK and lived in Malaysia for one and half years. In this interview, Rachel tells us what drew her to Malaysia, and why she loves it so much that she’s going back.

Rachel lived just outside KL in a rural area which she says was a great opportunity to meet locals. She chose Malaysia due to it being a great location to explore the rest of Asia, and because there are islands to explore, rainforest to trek and other outdoor activities plus there is always a festival on.

About Malaysia

English is widely spoken and you don’t stick out too much as there are a range of cultures there. There is good infrastructure to get around it’s also ideal for vegetarians and vegans with an amazing variety of Malay, Chinese and Indian food.

Rachel describes Malaysia as being relaxed with a ‘go with the flow’ vibe. There are less tourists than you’ll find in other Asian countries so you do need to plan more, and the more further out you go the more of a culture shock you can get.

Rachel says that East Malaysia is very different to West Malaysia. She recommends Sarawak to see the orangutans and Malaysia’s national flower which is the largest flower in the world.


Expert Interview - Malaysia with Rachel

Rachel also covers:

  • The differences between East and West Malaysia.
  • How Malaysia compares to the UK.
  • How to get around Malaysia.
  • Her comprehensive itinerary if you only have two weeks.
  • Secrets to finding the best dishes in the country.
  • And what you can do in the evenings as a solo in Kuala Lumpur.

Rachel’s three words to describe Malaysia are: people, islands and food.

Find out more about Rachel and her adventures in Malaysia at her blog, The Taylor Made Travels. Tweet her at @taylormtravels, or Like on Facebook.

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Expert Interview - Malaysia with Rachel

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