Welcome to a dose of inspiration for the solo traveller. This expert interview is with Michela Fantinel, Founder of Rocky Travel, a website for travelling Australia like a local, and the author of a brand new book: Your Australia Itinerary – the ultimate guide for female solo travellers.

Michela has been to Australia at least 6 times and first visited the country ten years ago when she was 40 years old. She left for 2.5 months on her first ever solo adventure with just a 10kg backpack! She has travelled extensively around Australia and shares her experiences as a solo female, as well as really helpful tips on planning your trip to Australia, how travel can change you and what it's really like as a woman travelling down under.

Sydney Opera House, Australia with Michela

Sydney Opera House

Traveling to Australia Alone

She gives some great advice on solo female travel in general and how sometimes she still doubts her ability to travel alone. She believes that you can learn so much about yourself here. Including how to deal with situations and how you can steer your thinking to be positive when you are on your own.

Australia has an outdoor lifestyle, barbecues on the beach, sporty lifestyle. There are so many rural areas and beaches and it gives you a chance to cut off from your previous world and have time for yourself, to think about a career change, think about changing your life, a different path or starting something new.

Australia has the power to bring so much harmony and power back into your life because it’s so natural with so much space. You can choose to share with people who you just meet or keep it to yourself. You have the freedom and the space for personal growth, to think about what you really want from life and learn all about yourself on the road.

Australia with Michela

Michela also covers:

  • The differences she believes between men and women who travel alone.
  • Advice for driving around the country.
  • How long you should spend in Australia.
  • Her recommended itinerary for first timers.

For more information on travelling solo in Australia, check out her website: Rocky Travel. 

Michela's book: Your Australia Itinerary, is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to plan a trip down under, PLUS each book comes with a free 15 minute Skype or email consultation. Get your copy here!


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