View from Pyrgos Santorini

Two ways that will levitate your next Santorini holiday into a totally Santor-dreamy one should show you a different side of the island, one that is off the beaten track. When thinking about Santorini you will most probably associate it immediately with the sunset of Oia. This is in fact a must see experience for Santorini first timers, however, if you have visited Santorini before, here are two ways to experience it again, this time differently.

View from Fira Santorini

Discover new exciting locations

Locations that are less known in Santorini will be less crowded any time of the year, and crowds are known for being the number one holiday damper. Some more remote locations mean that if you want to enjoy Santorini by night which is most prominent in the capital town, there is an element of after midnight travelling to get back to your hotel. If you prefer to avoid this, you can choose to stay in Fira, in the beating heart of Santorini, and explore new locations during the day. This way all the nightlife is easily accessible by foot, and you can experience the majestic aura of these other locations until sunset by renting a car in Santorini.

Pyrgos is one of those, and is also a medieval settlement which you might be surprised to hear exists on the island of iconic, and mostly Byzantine, stark white and blue dome churches. Located on the Santorini’s highest point, the fortified village offers incredible panoramic views of the entire island, while its quaint streets will reveal the allurement of its Kastro castle, one step at a time. The area of Akrotiri is another that offers a different than usual vantage point, since it is located on the crescent’s southernmost tip and indulges its visitors with staggering views of the Caldera and Oia settlements as well as the Volcano in the midst of the Aegean.


View from Akrotiri Santorini

Engage in thrilling activities

Take the plunge and consider being a bit more active in order to see a side of Santorini that is often associated with leisure, but if you are willing to put some effort into it, Santorini can prove itself even more rewarding. Wine tasting for example, can be enjoyed in two ways. Either from your balcony while watching the sunset which could be considered a bit trite for some, or by actually visiting some of the best wineries in Santorini and getting up close and personal with the vineyards and down to grips with the process of creating such fragrant and renowned wine flavours. Checking out the colourful beaches is of course a must, but instead of working on your tan by sitting on a sun bed all day, you can delve into the underwater charm of Santorini and get to see hidden visuals beneath surface level.

For those who are even more intrigued about fully discovering the astonishing depths of Santorini, scuba diving will immerse you into the phenomenal sea bed of this volcanic island. Even first timers can enjoy this experience with an assisted dive, arm in arm with one of the certified instructors, and chances are they will want to try it again and again! Finally, private sailing around Santorini can be tailored to your exact itinerary, and offer you a one of a kind sailing experience. Alternatively, a Cycladic island cruise will extend your Santorini experience to discover the neighbouring islands that share a similar type of captivating flair.

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