Embracing Change

Embracing change

It’s been a while since I’ve written a personal update and because some people have said to me lately, “Where are you?” “I can never keep up with your travels,” I have decided to do what other bloggers do and write a personal post.

I’ve always shied away from writing too many personal posts as I prefer to write about an adventure that I’ve had to inspire others to travel there. Instead, I’m going to add blog posts to inspire you in life and hope that the lessons I am learning can also be useful to you too.

So more frequently you’re going to get a personal post but not one that talks about what book I’m currently reading or what meal plan I’m on, but about what’s happening with Girl about the Globe, goals, ambition and anything related to solo travel.

This month I’m focusing on change. Tomorrow marks the 1st June and there is so much change in my life at the moment that it is overwhelming. A new home, a new neighbourhood, new interns, and a new office space.

I’ve always tried to live my life in the flow, instinctively going where my heart leads me. I left England on a one-way ticket to Latin America in 2014 and found a home in Colombia. My plans of moving to Mexico with my ex-boyfriend took a different path and instead I found myself back in Europe. Now life has brought me back to Barcelona.

I’ve lived in a lot of places but the thought of actually settling in one freaks me out.

It’s ironic that I felt secure in the unknown. Not knowing where I was going to be next, always planning my next trip, looking for my next room in Barcelona and thinking I was cool to be living my life out of a bag. But that life is not sustainable. There’s only so long before you crash and burn, longing for a bed to call your own. So, I’ve made a change. I’ve made a commitment.

I have made myself a comfort zone, yet the thought of staying still fills me with a slight dread. Is this where I really want to be? What if I get pulled in another direction?

There’s a saying that ‘you’re always one decision away from a totally different life.’ I’ve lived here before yet this time feels different. It feels more committed, more structured. Can I really live this kind of life after 5 years of continuous uncertainty? I honestly have no idea but after making the decision to commit I remain open to whatever happens next.

So I’m putting away the backpack (for a while anyway). I still have travel on the cards just shorter trips instead off months of intrepid travel. This Autumn I have my Santorini trip coming up, and my trip to the Sahara, and there is also the possibility of visiting Japan in September. 

Making the decision to stay in Barcelona allows me the time and space to work on Girl about the Globe and to grow the brand. I’m still adding the destinations I was lucky enough to travel to this year so expect to see destinations guides for Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as plenty of others. I now have a proper structure and after years of creating freedom for myself I am making adjustments.

Change is scary. Whether it’s committing to a year of travel or a year or staying still. But one thing is for certain, once you make that decision everything else will flow.

Is there a decision that you need to make? I’d love to hear your story below if you are changing your life too.

5 thoughts on “Embracing Change

  1. Kiki Hughes

    I really enjoyed this piece, beautifully raw and honest. And while I am far away from making the same decision just yet, as my travel-through-life journey is just beginning, just the thought of having to make the “root-oneself” decision is terrifying… so I cant imagine how you’re feeling! I moved to Argentina for this year, and it has taken so much adjusting. But you’re right… after the first few bumps, I realised that by just making the decision to stay, and standing my ground, everything began to flow beautifully. Thanks for this!

  2. Joanna

    Loved this little piece. Literally just found your site on google,
    I turned 50 this year. Am on my own which I have been for years not my daughters have just got married.., so life is changing.
    With illness taking over it is time to see meet & discover.,,
    I look forward to reading all & using your mantra to move forwards. X


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