Located on the north west part of the island, Eliofos Elegant Masionettes are in Latchi, a small fishing village with a Greek Cypriot charm. The maisonettes are just 100 metres from the beach, across the road from a path that leads down to the beach and has a nice walk along to the marina where there are restaurants, cafes and bars. It’s an ideal area for really getting to know the Cypriot culture and meeting locals.

Eliofos Center also have other properties; the Eliofos Luxury Villa – a 4 bedroom bungalow in Neo Chorio, and the Acropolis Seaview Villa which is just above Latci beach and harbour.


How to get there

To reach Latchi take a bus from Paphos (Karavella main bus station) to Polis then another bus to Latchi or take a taxi from the bus office in Polis for approx €15. You may have to wait a while for a bus connection. The bus ride from Paphos to Latchi is stunning as the bus passes beautiful landscapes different from the rest of the country. The bus cost €1.50 for a single ticket.


Activities in Latchi 

The coastline here is a lovely area to explore with the Blue Lagoon as the most famous attraction. There are numerous tour companies that offer boat trips to this stunning area such as Blue Lagoon Cruises where you can snorkel from the boat.

Boats leave from the marina and also visit a Roman amphitheatre, Aphrodite’s rock and St George’s Island which is home to several species of seabirds. It is also rich in marine life with octopus, and trumpet fish to see on a snorkel or dive.

If you like birds, you can take a trip to Paphos Bird Park in Pegeia. If you prefer museums there is Paphos Archaeological Museum to explore as well as the Folk Art Museum and Ethnographical Museum.

The Baths of Aphrodite is a peaceful spot to visit. Named after the goddess Aphrodite, the pools of this natural cave are where she once bathed and is now a famous mythological site. The birthplace of Aphrodite is a rock off the shore from Paphos to Limassol. You can take tours here or hire a car.

If you do hire a car you can also drive to the church of Saint Minas for an amazing view of the wild vegetation and coastline that surrounds it. As well as the garden centres in the surrounding areas to see the colourful flowers grown on the island.

Visit wineries such as Vasilikon Winery, and Kamanterena Winery to sample the local wine, or just lay on the beach and sunbathe.



The owner and his son are really friendly and took me straight to the supermarket when I arrived. The owner also took me to visit Aphrodite’s Baths and on a drive to the small church for a spectacular panoramic view over the coastline and the island’s nature. If I needed anything I had his mobile number on hand to call.



There is a restaurant on site which is open during the tourist season. The maisonettes are all self catering and there is a small supermarket in Latchi, just a 10 minute walk away. The restaurants along the marina specialise in locally caught fish. Nicandros Fish Tavern and Steakhouse is a good choice with seafood and Mediterranean dishes.


The Masionettes

In total there are 20 masionettes. You can sit in the garden and listen to the sound of the birds in the morning. The gardens resemble a Greek garden with a beautiful white statue amongst the flowers and greenery.

There is air-conditioning which also produces heat when the nights get a bit cool. I had a choice of two large sofas to sit or lay on as well as an extra bed within the living quarters.

There were two tables where I could enjoy my meals that I had prepared as well as the terrace outside. I was also able to work from the large table so it was ideal for a laptop. There was also a television within the living area.

The kitchens has all the utensils you need to cook and prepare your meals. There is even a portable oven for you to cook pizzas and heat chips. The fridge is a usual size which is huge for one person.


Outside the kitchen door is a clothes horse where you can hang your clothes to dry. Which is perfect if you’ve come back to the beach and want to hang up your bikini and sarong. There is also a washing bowl which doubles up to do your hand washing.

The bathroom and bedroom were located upstairs. There was a large mirror, a dressing table and also a large wardrobe in the bedroom with heavy, dark curtains to help me sleep.

The hot water was powered by solar power. If it had been raining I had to turn on the booster which heated up the water after 30 minutes but the shower was always warm.

The area is so quiet and you really feel as though you are away from everything. It really is an oasis.


Why I love it

There is so much space! It really feels as though you are in nature and away from everything. The complimentary bottle of wine was a lovely idea and I was able to enjoy a glass of locally produced wine on my terrace as the sunset. The maisonette was huge for one so I had so much space.


What type of Girl about the Globe?

If you love the beach and nature then this place is ideal. You will need to be comfortable with your own space as you’ll probably be solo for the majority of the time unless you go to one of the local restaurants or bars.


How to Book Elifos Elegant Maisonettes

Prices start from €126 per night for a standard maisonette with one bedroom, bathroom and living room. Check prices and availability here