Eco Travel

“Be gentle with the earth.” – Dali Lama

What is Eco Travel?

Eco travel focuses on conservation to promote an awareness of the environment and the world we live in. It’s a commitment and awareness of natural surroundings through energy efficiency and water conservation to reduce the amount of waste and omissions as we travel.

By acting responsibly within protected sites and natural areas, we can protect the local environment and wildlife, leaving it as untouched as it was before. Primarily focused on our impact on the planet, Eco travel is a way of protecting our planet for future generations by travelling with maximum adventure and minimum impact.

What Makes a Travel Company Eco?

Lodges, hotels and hostels are now realising the need to go eco and are becoming more energy efficient, installing solar power and improving the conservation and natural habitat of their nature-based surroundings whilst educating the traveller of ecological values and their environmental responsibility.

Companies can help to improve the lives of local communities by supporting indigenous trade and community projects and create employment opportunities for local people. Staying in an Eco lodge doesn’t mean sacrificing home comforts either as many lodges offer luxury accommodation whilst doing their bit for their environment.

How Can I Be an Eco Traveller?

  • Respect local culture and protect heritage by paying entrance fees to national parks
  • Use local accommodation and tour guides (or companies who do)
  • Reduce the amount of air travel within countries (or fly point to point) and use public transport such as trains or buses to travel overland
  • Buy local goods and merchandise
  • Respect the environment. Don’t touch coral whilst snorkeling and dispose of any litter properly.

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