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Back to San Francisco…

It appears to be a tradition. That no matter which city I visit in the world, I have to road test the nightlife but as my time in San Francisco was solo, I needed a little helping hand to find the right bars and avoid that American Werewolf in London scene, by walking in a local’s bar that I probably shouldn’t have stumbled into.

I had heard that San Francisco had a great night scene but I needed to find out for myself, so when I was asked to test a drinks app, I jumped at the chance to use it during one of my solo trips.

If you haven’t heard of it, Drink Advisor is the app for finding night life in a city. And for someone totally not techy like me it’s so easy to use. With just one tap on the screen, I can get a detailed description on where to go, read user reviews on the bars and even see photos of the interior before I go.


It even shows drink menus, so you can know if this bar will break your budget or not, and because I was only in San Francisco for a few nights, it made the research easy for me. Because I absolutely love rooftop bars, I was able to search for just these, although if you prefer live music, outdoor terraces or cocktail bars (or even lesbian bars) there’s filters for these too.

All you have to do is look up the location of the city that you want to find bars. It then gives you a list of all the bars, plus their location and whether they are open that day so that you don’t waste your time visiting them when they’re not open.


Not only is it a quick and easy way to find the best bars and night clubs in the city, it also tells you about my favourite drink with some interesting facts about Vodka (or any other drink that you might prefer).


And if you’re into cocktails (and who isn’t), then there’s a huge cocktail catalogue with step by step instructions as to how to prepare them including ones which I hadn’t even heard off before – prefect for cocktail connoisseurs. Mine’s definitely a Black Russian.

So, after checking out the list of bars, here’s my favourite five in the city:


Temple Bar

I love clubs and the swankier the better so this chic purple-coloured club with a variety of rooms, decor and music is perfect. Plus there's an interactive dance floor to strut your stuff on.


Local Edition

Being a freelance journalist, I couldn't resist a visit to Local Edition, a bar inspired by the newspaper business of the 50's and 60's with vintage press clippings from San Francisco's archives. But not everything is old here as you'll find updated versions of classic cocktails to indulge in.


Infusion Lounge 

I'm a sucker for new concepts and the Infusion Lounge offers a unique experience. It's sleek, classic and modern with a luxury Hong Kong design with Asian statues to match the decor. Polished and very swanky, the Infusion Lounge is where it's at.



It's modern and artistically bold, and is a great place to grab a place to eat too. With decor that resembles a cabaret club from the 1930's, it's got one of the largest selections of sherry in the Bay Area of San Fran.



I couldn't be in North America and not visit a bar called Americano. This is more of a restaurant than a bar with an express lunch for $21 but with a drink  called the same name, it has to be sampled.

Why I recommend Drink Advisor

Well, if you’re new in a city like me and aren’t sure where to go, it’s perfect for helping you find the right bars for you and even lets you make a list of your favourite places which I can use offline when there’s no Wifi. If you were meeting others, you can plan your nightly events too plus new bars and clubs are being added every single day – my perfect App!

Did I also mention that it’s FREE!

Download the free DrinkAdvisor app in iTunes or Google Play.

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