Digital Nomad Taxes – Save 5%

When you live a digital nomadic lifestyle, you get to travel where you want (visa-depending, of course), stay where you want, and when you’re ready to leave, you can pack up and move to the next exotic destination. 

Choosing to be location-independent has so many advantages, but when you’re travelling around with no known place to call home, where do you file your digital nomad taxes? That’s where Heavvn comes in. 

Heavvn provides global tax optimisation for location-independents and helps solve tax challenges for remote companies and location-independent workers. Their ethos is “plan, manage and do your taxes anywhere” so that we can enjoy our nomadic lifestyle to the fullest without the hassle of working out our nomad tax. 

Tax can be such a headache because it is so important to get it right. Having the right team of experts and tax lawyers can make it so much easier and help you to ensure you are paying the correct tax and also optimise your tax for your business or self-employment. 

My Tip – If you're looking to become a digital nomad but are unsure of how to do your taxes, I recommend Heavvn. They even have a free calculator to work out how much you can save!

Digital Nomad Taxes

Taxes For Digital Nomads: How it Works

What Heavvn provides is a process from a written plan to implementation, digital nomad business registration and everything needed in your tax situation. And even for someone like me, they’ve made it pretty straightforward to do. As well as helping digital nomads and remote workers, their solution is also designed for location-independent companies and remote-first companies. 

They’ve identified a need in a market and realised that we, nomadic souls need a different approach to our taxes than those who stay still. The technology they have invented is specifically tailor-made for remote-first companies and digital nomads.

The artificial intelligence provides wider access to tax expertise, making it lower cost too. It’s a methodology that helps to make our taxes smarter, and it shows within just the first few steps of the process. 

How To Use For Your Digital Nomad Taxes

The 1st part is free. By finding out your nationality, where you plan on travelling to and what your finances are like, they come up with the best information about who they are talking to and how they can improve our taxes. 

  • After you click on the website, there’s a button to press for ‘start now.’
  • You then select the countries that you want to visit from a drop-down menu (that can be modified later). You can select Spain etc, and then go to the next step. 
  • Within just a few seconds of using it, a pop-up appeared telling me the good news that I can save 20% of your taxes!
  • I then had to create an account via Google, Facebook or email to save my simulation data. 

After collecting the data, you then receive access to a report with your global tax optimisation scenario and a rating. This tells you where you should register your business and how much tax you should pay. 

Step two is agreeing to their recommendations and approving the report. It updates it real time so they can manage your tax returns for each of the countries that you mentioned. If, like me, you are planning to go to more than one country, they have a ‘multi-country tax return filing’ service for filing taxes as a digital nomad. And there’s a chat box to talk with the team if you get stuck.

Depending on which package you choose, after analysing your current tax situation based on your personal digital nomad tax residency and business tax residency, plus a comparison of multi-country tax, they then draw up the paperwork needed whilst you validate the best strategy for your needs. Whether that’s for your own personal tax or a corporate tax return, for example. 

What I really like about them is that they don’t just help you to fill out your tax returns. They also help you to understand your situation and decide on which actions to take to ensure that you optimise your taxation for your yearly returns. Something that I couldn’t figure out by myself.

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Digital Nomad Taxes

When To Use Heavvn For Your Digital Nomad Tax

You can use them at any stage of your nomadic journey, whether that’s during your journey so you can plan the next steps of your nomad tax strategy or at the beginning to ensure that you can plan ahead for the best strategy and then adapt if need be. You can also utilise them at the end of the year to be able to do your taxes anywhere using their platform, so it doesn’t really make a difference when you do it. 

Digital Nomad Taxation Packages

Heavvn has three different packages depending on whether you’re contacting them before or after travelling. Their most popular service is the ‘Handover.’ The global tax setup. This one is €1295 and is the most complete. It covers a review of your situation, your individual tax return(s), global tax scenario, business tax return, full setup and paperwork and admin support.

If you’re interested in tax-optimised investments as well as optimising your nomadic journey, the ‘Plan Your Taxes’ package for Global tax optimisation is the best one to start with. Then you can scale with the option for investment. This is before travelling and includes global tax optimisation, a review of your situation, your individual tax return(s) and global tax scenario for €895.

There’s also an option for after travelling called ‘do your taxes’, which is their cheapest package. For €195 per unit, you receive a review of your situation and individual and multi-country tax returns. Their prices are one-time payments for the whole year.

* Save 5% with the discount code: GIRLABOUTTHEGLOBE5

My Review of Heavnn

I currently file all my taxes in the UK, so I used Heavvn for a consultation about setting up my foundation. Being a UK resident, I currently pay UK digital nomad tax.

Due to the complications of Brexit, I am restricted to only being able to stay in the Schengen area of Europe for 90 days every 180 days. I used their services to obtain advice on which country to register my new business. 

I wanted to be able to use Europe as a potential base for longer than 6 months in a year and whether paying taxes in Europe would help this.

I found their advice really helpful, and being someone who knows absolutely nothing about tax, I was made to feel comfortable about my questions and guided to the right choice for me. I really recommend them. 

You don’t have to be British to use them, either. They work with people from North America, Europe, the UK and more. And you can be a contractor, a business owner, employed for a company, self-employed or a freelancer for tax reasons. 

So whether you’re just starting your digital nomad journey or in the middle of it and feeling confused about your taxes or want to optimise them, using Heavnn will help you to make the best tax choices and take care of all the red tape and the paperwork so that we can do what we do best. Enjoying our nomadic lifestyle to the fullest. 

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