It seems Mongolia invented the shoulder shimmy.

As I sit watching a Mongolian culture show, I'm enthralled by the colourful outfits and the unique dancing – men running across the stage with moves like the dying swan then breaking into a river dance, dressed like something out of ‘The Sound of Music.'

Folk dancing that originated from balancing cups of fermented mares milk on their head and  renditions of the funky chicken from the waist up, before some Bollywood dancing to dramatic beats.

Then the traditional throat singing, unique to this land that sounds like someone gargling in four different tones.

This country is definitely unique.

The National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet

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  1. aj

    Great description! I remember going to the cultural show – with music, dance, the whole shebang – at that very building, 8 years ago. It was a hoot. Adored the throat singers. Don’t know what UB looks like these days, but it was inching itself towards modernity; even back then that building was an unusual sight. Hope you headed out of UB, into days filed with amazing nothingness, camels, yurts, gers and infinite blue sky.

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