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One of the best things about travel is being able to immerse yourself within new cultures and learn about the world. Culture Smart guides offer essential information on attitudes, beliefs and behaviours in different countries so that you can get prepared before you travel. They provide valuable information on the traditions and culture of countries around the world so that you are completely prepared for your destination before you arrive.

Their aim is to give their readers a level of cultural fluency, so that no matter what your reason for travelling, you are well equipped to approach each situation with confidence and sensitivity.

Culture Guides

The guides are thorough, and designed so that you can look up whichever chapter you need for quick reference whenever you need it. Or you can read it all in one go for a complete overview.

Short, sharp and humorous, they deal with the richly rewarding human dimension of foreign travel by telling you about the beliefs and attitudes of the people you will meet and about situations you may encounter. They help you to understand what makes people tick, the values they live by, and the kind of behaviour that will be reciprocated with goodwill and hospitality.

Customs and Traditions Around The World

Countries such as Jordan or India can be challenging if you’re not aware of the cultural norms. India is steeped in tradition, the local people are friendly and will respond to you with warmth but the country is full of extremes. The Culture Smart guide to India helps make you aware of the basic values so that you can connect more with the local people and navigate cultural differences. Instead of feeling frustrated when something isn’t what you are used to, you’ll be able to understand the behaviour norms with these insights. 

Maybe you are travelling to Iran, and want to know what the real Iran is like in the twenty-first century as opposed to the stereotype. With the country offering a romanticism, it is still feeling the effect of the Islamic Revolution that took place in 1979. As a modern society with a traditional culture, it is experiencing great change.

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Culture Smart Guides: Understanding Customs and Traditions Around the World

Culture Smart Guides: Understanding Customs and Traditions Around the World

Planning on Moving Abroad

If you are planning on moving abroad, their book ‘Preparing For Your Move Abroad’ is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to help you prepare for your big move. It’ll help to reduce the stress and eliminate the fears associated with the transition. Learn about the psychological aspects, as well as the practical and even cultural so that your move is as seamless as it can be.

There are more than 100 worldwide country guides to choose from. Discover the customs and culture in Rwanda in Africa, Laos in Asia, or Nicaragua in Latin America. If you are seeking essential guides to customs and culture, these guides offer the perfect insight into the human element of travel.

Culture Smart Guides Reviews

“This is a great small book, packed with lots of interesting information. I'm very glad I purchased it! I selected one on China and one on India. If you enjoy reading about different cultures – this is for you!” – Peaches.

“The culture smart series is consistently a fantastic source of overview information. I always buy one of these culture smart books for wherever I may be traveling next. I highly recommend them. They will give you tips and tricks to follow that you won’t find elsewhere.” – Alexandra Hall

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