Coworking Safaris: Safaris from Cape Town

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Coworking Africa

If you’ve ever wanted to go on an African safari but can’t get the time off because you have to work, then consider a Coworking Africa Safari. Whether you work for yourself or are a freelancer this is a great opportunity to see Africa whilst still working.

The Coworking Safari's bring together professionals, start ups and entrepreneurs who want to stay connected for 4, 10 & 14 night coworking & coliving safari's while finding the balance between work, life, wellness and adventure with South Africa as the setting. They also offer Digital Detox Weekends for 3 nights from €349 per person on a a self-drive basis. The group size is limited to 10 people so they can fit you with a suitable group of entrepreneurs to make sure your trip is productive and rewarding.

Coworking Safaris: Safaris from Cape Town

Safaris From Cape Town

Choose from either of the 10 day or 14 day safaris from Cape Town. Starting in Cape Town, the route takes you to the Great Karoo desert where you’ll go on safari and take part in fitness and wellness activities. The route returns via South Africa’s famous Garden Route where you’ll witness sunsets, surfing and indulge in some of the best seafood. They cater for all dietary requirements too.

Stay in beach lodges, safari lodges and enjoy nature walks and games drives. It’s not just about the safaris either as you can go hiking, surfing and mountain biking, and even enjoy some yoga practice too. It’s as active as you want it to be!

Plus, if you don’t have to work, you get the chance to meet inspirational people whilst seeing the Big 5! You can’t get better than that.

Included are stops up to 5 locations, transportation, private game lodge, tented camp, boutique beach lodge and historic hotel, safaris, private chef, meals, yoga, wellness and fitness, surfing and other activities, digital detox BBQ under the African stars, welcome night out in Cape Town and farewell dinner, WIFI and SIM cards, and coworking space membership in Cape Town.

Coworking Safaris: Safaris from Cape Town

Coworking Safaris: Safaris from Cape Town

Coworking Safari Review

“What an Epic Experience! Coworking Safari truly provided the experience of a lifetime, and the ability to keep up with my busy work schedule, too. The adventure started as we departed Cape Town toward The Great Karoo semi-arid desert. The drive alone mesmerised me with the constant changing and beautiful landscape of South Africa. A stop in Prince Albert felt more like a step back in time to a simpler way of life. But, onward bound, and we eventually arrived at our safari destination.

Upon arrival we were advised to turn off our “screens” while our baggage was transferred to a more durable vehicle for a twenty-four-hour Digital Detox, and off we went. Not long into the ride we stopped abruptly for a few meerkats seeking to cross the road. What?! I later learned these critters are quite elusive, so that interaction was one for the books. Needless to say, it started with a bang, and just kept getting better.

Our first destination, the tent camp, felt like something out of a movie; fabulous layout, comfortable and with great food and wine. Once the sun set, an amazing array of stars filled the sky. So many you want to scoop them up in your hands. While I had a fabulous tent awaiting me, I opted to drag my cot out of the tent and attempted to sleep under the glorious stars. It proved problematic since I couldn't close my eyes. Such beauty is not to be missed. No clue how many shooting stars I witnessed that night, but I do recall sunrise singing me awake, so I guess I did fall asleep.”

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Coworking Safaris: Safaris from Cape Town

“The coming days were filled with morning and evening drives, phenomenal sunsets and loads of animal sightings, but, the most amazing sighting was that of two cheetahs, bellies full from a recent kill. What a sight to see the two brothers patrolling their territory and catching a snooze under some bush once their bellies were filled.

And in the heat of the day, we spent time back at the Lodge to work. The Lodge offers several comfortable work areas, including the option to sit by the pool, legs outstretched, watching the watering hole for the random animal that might decide a sip of water is more important than avoiding the heat of the day.

Soon it was time to depart for the glorious Garden Route, yet another amazing side of South Africa not to be missed. The beautiful beaches, vineyards and great company was the icing on the cake for this gal. Each stop on this amazing experience revealed a beauty and experience I could never have accomplished elsewhere. Trust me, you don’t miss this amazing, epic experience!” – Valarie Brickhouse

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