Top Countries for Solo Travel

Some countries are just geared up for solo travellers and last year I was lucky enough to visit 25 countries as a solo female. I've been to places that have totally surpassed my expectations and to some which just didn't (but you can't fall in love with everywhere). Here's my pick of the best places for solos from my travels last year.


A stunning country with amazing architecture and a great rail network. You can even do your own walking tours in Vienna or Salzburg with the fab maps that you pick up in hostels or join a ‘Sound of Music' tour instead. Amazing ski resorts, great hiking and fantastic sightseeing.



Although more expensive than other countries, you simply cannot beat Switzerland for scenery. Take the train to the top of Europe for snowy peaks or simply just relax around one of the many lakes in the country. There's great shopping in Zurich and Biel and loads to see in Bern and Lucerne. It's just simply – stunning.



Slovenia is a delight to the eyes and is one of the prettiest countries in Europe. Because of its population of only two million people it never feels crowded and with mountains, rivers and 46km of coastline to choose from, there is always an area to explore. It's not called the heart of Europe for nothing. (Find out why I love Slovenia).



Canadians are the only other nationality I have met that apologise as much as the British. Toronto is a great city and easy to navigate around and you can’t beat Ontario for exploring the Canadian wilderness; great for those into the outdoors and adventure.

Niagara Falls


Albania is one of my favourite countries. What do I love about it? The people are so proud that you’ve chosen to visit their country and will totally welcome you, they have their own Alps, a colourful capital and what the country lacks in infrastructure, it makes up for in beaches and nightlife. If you love rustic travelling and experiencing a country before tourism grabs hold of it then Albania is the perfect place for travelling solo. 



Croatia totally surpassed my expectations and there are so many places to explore that you need at least two weeks here. From old towns to the Plitvice Lakes and the Dalmatian coast, Croatia is a lovely country with an amazing coastline.

Plitvice Lakes


Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America and although it is still developing, it is definitely for the rustic traveller and travelling by bus is extremely safe. The country has a Caribbean feel and is very multi-culural with jungle, gorgeous cayes and Mayan ruins to explore. If you’re travelling solo in Belize and looking for company, San Ignacio or San Pedro are the places to find it.



Germany totally blew my expectations and I fell in love with Berlin. There is so much history here and so much to see that you need at least a week in this amazing capital. Join the beer-swilling locals in Bavaria, visit the Disney Castle of Mad King Ludwig or stroll around the capital's museums. A great country for solos.



Beaches, ruins, culture and more museums that any other capital city – I simply loved travelling solo in Mexico and although it has a bad reputation for safety, I found it completely the contrary. If you don’t venture north of Mexico City or certain neighbourhoods where the drug-cartels rule, the rest of the country is amazing and easy to travel around. Many maturer travellers come here and because of its proximity to the United States, the country is also popular with Americans.


Have you been to any of these countries? Do you agree or where's your favourite place for solo travel?


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  1. Rcky

    Great list of the most popular countries for the solo travel. Lots of countries to go for solo travel but i recommend for canada because of its awesome accommodation and travel locations.


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