Conscious travel

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

– Henry Miller

The World is Changing

The world is changing as people’s mindsets are shifting and consciously waking up to the world. No longer content with mass tourism, people are becoming more value conscious and are seeking meaningful experiences, immersing themselves within their surroundings to establish longer-lasting connections and gain a better understanding of the world and its people.

Conscious travellers want an experience rather than a holiday package and tourism is beginning to cater to their needs, offering authentic and unique experiences for a more memorable encounter.

What is Conscious Travel?

Conscious travel is a mindfulness for the world and its people whom we encounter upon our travels. It’s about thinking differently about the way that we travel: changing our values and perception of the world and seeing a destination through local's eyes.

Conscious travel’s goal is to create a sustainable travel economy that gives something back to communities through local guides and provides the traveller with an authentic experience, not just a holiday. Whether through wellness and spirituality, eco or sustainable travel, travelling consciously will make a positive impact on the world and enrich the lives of everyone we meet along the way, one footprint at a time.

How can I be a conscious traveller?

  • By being mindful as you travel
  • Get to know the locals and how they really think
  • Immerse yourself within the culture
  • Buy local goods and merchandise
  • Be mindful of the local environment and how it should be respected

* Conscious Travel is a concept developed by Anna Pollock: a Visionary, Change Agent and Tourism Strategist.

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