Conscious Travel Books

Today, we have a better understanding of how we impact the planet. Many of us are now seeking authentic travel and experiences that allow us to immerse ourselves within a destination instead of just passing through. For the conscious Girl about the Globe, here are some of the best conscious travel books we can find to help you travel more consciously. 

Conscious Travel Books

The Flightless Traveller: 50 Modern Adventures by Land, River and Eea by Emma Greg

Conscious Travel Books


Award-winning travel writer Emma Gregg shows us in her book “The Flightless Traveller” that green travel, or travel without catching a flight, is very much possible and just as fun. We are led through 50 adventures consisting of city breaks or coastal retreats, as we get to rediscover old and well-loved places, as well as revel in new ones.

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Sustainable Escapes by Lonely Planet

Conscious Travel Books

If you're planning an escape and are unsure where to go, you can't beat a sustainable escape and who better to showcase the world's best eco-conscious travel experiences and places to stay than one of the most well-known travel publishers, the Lonely Planet. A good, well-rounded guide on some of the best eco-conscious and sustainable travel experiences in the world.

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Low-Carbon Europe by Lonely Planet

Conscious Travel Books

Another eco book by Lonely Planet, Low-Carbon Europe is packed full of 80 inspiring itineraries for no-fly and sustainable travels through Europe. Discover trips from 3 days to 3 weeks travelling around the continent without taking flights. From cycling to ferry journeys, each trip has a detailed itinerary to make planning your travels easy and eco-free. This is a great and handy guide for the eco-conscious traveller.

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The Sustainable Travel Handbook by Lonely Planet

Conscious Travel Books


Full of handy advice and clever tips and tricks, the latest in Lonely Planet’s Handbook Series, this guide will inspire up and coming eco-conscious travelers. Not only is this a handy guide for sustainable travel, but also ethical travel. It explores how to explore different cultures respectfully and how to give back when travelling.

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The Responsible Traveller by Karen Edwards

Conscious Travel BooksThis is a fantastic book for anyone wanting to travel more responsibly and make an impact at the same time. You’ll learn about the social impact that tourism has and how to be more culturally sensitive on your travels. What’s great about it is that not only does it teach you knowledge, the book has plenty of tips to show you how you can reduce your impact on planet Earth. It’s so important to travel the right way and through empowering stories and case studies, the Responsible Traveller will inspire you to explore the world with more understanding and compassion. Plus it’s pocket size too!

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Going Local: Experiences and Encounters on the Road

Conscious Travel Books

Nicholas Kontis, the author, has travelled extensively and through his book, Going Local, he shows exactly what the book says, ways to fully immerse yourself into society. He believes in finding out why locals love the places that they call home and how you can do it too. He speaks about living and volunteering abroad and how to seek out culture through local food and sharing. This practical book covers experiential travel and also includes interviews with famous travellers 

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Caribbean Tourism Books

I had the pleasure of attending a talk hosted by Dr Angelique Nixon who was discussing her newest book “Resisting Paradise”. We discussed how the Caribbean has become overly dependent on tourism and how this industry has shaped the islands’ identity. Dr. Nixon mentioned the documentary “Jamaica for Sale”, as well as the book “After the Dance” which informed her research a lot.

After The Dance: A Walk Through Carnival in Jacmel, Haiti


Acclaimed author Edwidge Dantica writes about her journey to the coastal town of Jacmel and her experiences with Carnival festivities, festivities she was terrified of as a child. Throughout the book she chronicles the tragic history of Haiti, as well as her encounters with Carnival performers and musicians. This book is a lovely travel memoir that will inform readers and travelers of Haiti’s past, culture, and dance.

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Resisting Paradise: Tourism, Diaspora, and Sexuality in Caribbean Culture by Angelique V Nixon


This book by lecturer, artist, and poet Dr Angelique Nixon explores how tourism and diaspora has shaped the Caribbean identity. The author investigates how culture and sexual idenityt inform the myth that the tourism industry has been building since day one: Paradise.

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