If you enjoy vaping, you would not want to travel without your favourite vaping products. However, air regulations can restrict travel with some vaping supplies. Therefore, you must check the vaping regulations of the countries you are visiting and the airline. Some airlines also provide specific rules on packing the materials. While you can travel to most countries with your vape juice, some countries have banned the use of e-cigarettes and vaping products. This article looks at the best way to travel with your vape juice on a foreign holiday.

Know the Vaping Laws

Did you check the vaping regulations of the country you are visiting? While vape is depicted as safer than smoking, some countries have banned its use. If your foreign trip is within Europe, Mexico, Canada and the USA, you would not have any problems with airport security. However, you should not bring your vaping supplies to Dubai, Thailand, Brazil and Venezuela, among others. Therefore, you should find out if vaping is prohibited to avoid hefty penalties.

How to Transport Your Vaping Supplies

While regular cigarettes are permitted in carry-on bags and checked luggage, different rules apply to e-cigarettes, vape pens and vape juice since they run on rechargeable lithium batteries. The e-cigarettes have flammable liquid and the batteries are considered hazardous in various airlines. You cannot carry e- cigarettes and vape batteries on checked luggage. While mobile phones and tablets have the same batteries as e-cigarettes, vape pen batteries may be unstable and ignite when the temperatures are high. Fortunately, you can carry your e-cigarettes in a carry-on bag, provided you pack them in the appropriate case.

You can carry vape juice on both carry-on and checked luggage. While highly flammable liquids are often banned, vape juices are exempted from flammable goods. However, e-liquids are subject to similar restrictions as other liquids and toiletries. For instance, you have to pack the vape juice in a resealable bag before putting it in your carry-on luggage. You must also adhere to the volume restrictions for liquid. You can only carry vape juice in 100 millilitres bags and drain all the e-liquids from the vaping devices before packing them. If you have larger e-liquid bottles, transfer their contents to smaller travel bottles to avoid issues at the airport security.

When packing your vaping supplies, you need to protect your luggage from vape spills and keep your e-cigarette gear dry. Apart from using travel plastic bags to seal your vape juice, you can find a waterproof pouch or dry bag to keep them dry. The pouches will come in handy if you are going to a damp area since they will keep the items dry. Before placing your vaping juice in a pouch, use plastic wrap and tape to seal its content.

Can You Vape at the Airport?

Smoking and vaping have the same rules. If the airports have a no smoking policy, you cannot vape. Most UK airports have restricted the use of e-cigarettes at the airport. However, some airlines have designated smoking and vaping zones at their airports away from the terminal. If vaping is restricted, store your vape supplies in the carry-on bag and wait until you arrive at your destination.

Can You Use Your Vape Juice During Flight?

Most airports do not have clear policies on vaping on board a plane. Hence, you should check with the attendants to avoid breaking any laws. Some airlines allow vaping on the plane since the e-cigarettes do not produce tobacco smoke. Besides, there is no risk of passive smoking with e-liquids. However, you should avoid vaping near pregnant women and children since the chemicals can damage their lungs. It is advisable to avoid vaping on a plane or charging your e-cigarette batteries.

How Will You Access Vape Juice and Refill on Your Foreign Trip?

If you are visiting a vape-friendly country, you can easily refill your vape juice at local stores. Unfortunately, many countries prohibit the sale of e-liquids, while others limit nicotine in refills. Such restrictions may limit your vape juice flavours abroad. If you want to stock sufficient refills, click for more information about vape juice.

Some regions like Europe allow the sale of vape juice in licenced nicotine stores. Therefore, you must adhere to the local customs and regulations. You will also pay more for e-liquid refills, and the nicotine amounts will be restricted.


When travelling abroad, err on the side of caution if you want to enjoy vaping without getting into trouble. While vaping is commonplace, research before travelling the legalities in your foreign destination. If you are looking for a refill or vaping pens, click for more information about vape juice.