Brave or mad?

‘Aren't you scared?' people ask when I tell them I'm visiting a country known for its constant fighting in the Gaza Strip and its political unrest in the West Bank.'Of course,' I reply, having died my hair brunette for the trip.

But I want to show people how amazing these countries are and anyway –  doesn't that just add to the excitement?

So my itinerary will go something like this:

Meditation Retreat in Israel (with Sanghaseva)
Volunteering in olive groves in the Palestinian territory
Sleeping under the stars in Old Jerusalem
Clubbing in Tel Aviv
Floating in the Dead Sea
Tai Chi in a desert retreat
Sunbathing in Eilat – Israel's equivalent of ‘Las Vegas'
Visiting one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world – Petra

Not to mention a trip to the Wailing Wall and riding a camel across the red sands of Wadi rum, plus overnighting in Jordan's capital, Amman.

Wish me luck…

I am travelling to the Middle East as a solo female. If you're looking to travel alone to the Middle East, there's lots of advice to help you plan your trip on the Girl about the Globe website.

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