Boat from Honduras to Belize

The boat from Puerto Cortes in Honduras to Belize is a wet one! Having chosen to sit outside, I thought I had made a wise decision. Crammed in with my lifejacket on, I put on my ipod listening to calming sounds to help take my mind off the rough crossing.

Every time I had made the decision to take a boat, it was as if nature knew and I awoke with the sound of the howling wind waiting to test my endurance…


Barely as the fourth track had began to play, I felt the force of the first wave as it rose above my head, showering me in its salty waters. I had made the wrong call and was sat in the worse place possible along with the rest of the passengers on the right-hand side of the ‘D Express' to Placencia in Belize.


Coming into port in Placencia, Belize

As some stood trying to shelter from the waves, it seemed like a thankless task. I was soaked through anyway so I removed my headphones, tucked my bags under the seat to keep them dry and spent the next two hours receiving a severe wave slapping and grinning at my fellow passengers with each wave (until the novelty wore off after the first hour).

At least it took my mind off being seasick!

The journey takes 2 hours and you dock at Mango Creek in Belize for immigration then hop back onto the boat for another 10 minutes to Placencia. 




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