Best places for accents

One of the perks of travelling solo is being able to be whisked off your feet by men around the globe. If you find yourself travelling solo on Valentines Day, do not despair as there are plenty of countries which speak the language of love. Here are our best places for accents from around the world.

Best places for accents

Oh la la in Paris


They have got the charm and they are officially my top casanovas on the planet. After a brief stint in Paris I have to admit that French men are the most charming and perfect for a rendezvous (which actually just means a ‘meeting’). If you’re looking for a romantic city where you will be stopped in the street and told that “you are beautiful” and “can I kiss you?” then take a trip to France. Oh and did I mention that they have an accent that would melt the iciest of queens.

Best places for accents

Italian casanovas in Italy


There’s no escaping the reputation of the Italian Stallion and Italianos are the original inamorato. Born casanovas with over the top expressions that just dance in your ear lobes, they will take you home to meet their mama and serenade you to your stomach’s content.

Best places for accents

Get yourself to Tel Aviv for the Israelis


This may surprise you but Israelis are gorgeous! If you like your man toned with designer stubble – get yourself to Tel Aviv. The best thing is that they speak perfect English (although they do have a slight American accent).

Best places for accents

Get treated like a lady in Turkey


They may be a little over the top but Turkish men do know how to treat a lady. They won’t let you spend a penny and will try every chat up line in the book (and a few more). Kind and considerate, they will make you feel special and expect the same in return, and apparently they love western women.

Best places for accents

Get whisked off your feet in Chile


They know how to dance and with Latin American blood, they know how to woo their ‘amor.’ The plane ticket may cost more than a ticket to Turkey but if you’re looking for a red-blooded male, a Chilean is your man: feisty and passionate, they will definitely keep you on your toes.

Best places for accents

Go Latino in Colombia


There must be something about latinos as Colombians can also sweep you off your feet. Courteous and polite with a Spanish accent, they will treat you like a princess and bachata you around the dance floor then escort you home afterwards in true gentleman style.

Best places for accents - Ireland

Experience the charm of the Irish in Ireland


You can spot an Irish man from afar, and although they may not have the exotic looks, what they lack in the tall, dark and handsome arena they definitely make up for in Irish charm and wit. They’ll never be a dull moment with an Irish guy and you won't be stuck for conversation either as they can talk the hind legs of a donkey. Fun, flirtatious and extremely friendly, you’ll be laughing all night long.

best places for accents

Be wooed by a posh man in England (Copyright:


Apparently the British accent is one to swoon over. Whilst us Brit chicks tend to steer towards the other worldly accents, North American girls love a British guy. Polite, independent and with a cracking sense of humour, a Brit’s accent varies across the country and may not be the Hugh Grant tones that you’re looking for. But once you’ve scored your British bachelor, you have a mate for life.

Where are your best place for accents?

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