Best eSIM To Avoid Roaming in Europe

Europe is such a popular continent for solo female travellers and that’s because so many of the countries are safe and easy to travel around. Having travelled to every single country in Europe and most of them solo, each region has something to offer women travelling alone. Whether you’re just visiting one particular country such as France or Spain on a week’s holiday, taking a month-long road trip through the Scandinavian countries or choosing to backpack your way around the Balkans during the summer, Europe is a fascinating continent to explore. 

Getting around and staying in touch with friends and family when you’re in Europe is so much easier when you have data. Being by yourself means that you have to do all the planning and navigating alone and having data should be one of the first things to check off your to-do list before you leave. 

You can check the latest bus and train times and find the walking directions to your next hostel or hotel, plus it helps you to check things to do in the city that you’re in and opening and closing times whilst you’re out and about. You can also save where you’re staying to your phone as a favourite to make it easy to find your way back especially if you’re planning on travelling to a few different locations. 

That’s where roaming in Europe comes in. After Brexit, phone providers now charge for those travelling from the UK on a UK phone number. And sometimes it’s not easy to buy a sim in the country that you’re travelling too as they may only sell them to people who can prove they are residents. 

If you’re looking to have internet Europe, having an eSim can be the best option. 

What is Roaming in Europe For?

If you’re unsure what roaming even is, it’s a way of using your phone outside of its network in its original country. The phone provider connects with another cell network in the country that you are in to allow you to use your phone as you roam. 

Long gone are the free-roaming perks that we had before Brexit where providers such as Vodafone were free to those visiting from the UK. When I used to live in Barcelona, I was able to use my phone for a certain amount of days a year. Today, unfortunately, wherever we go in Europe, we incur roaming fees to use our phones in Europe. 

eSIM For Europe: The Best Option

Although you can still use your phone data in Europe, the roaming charges can be up to £6 a day depending on how much data or calls you use. To avoid expensive phone bills, a travel eSIM allows you to stay connected wherever you go and you can even keep your local SIM card to receive calls. 

And if you travel last minute like me, you don’t have to wait days for it to arrive in the post either as it’s sent immediately to your email meaning that you can connect to the plan within minutes of receiving it. Having recently lost a sim card during a 3 month trip, this is so much easier. If you get stuck with any technical problems, there’s support around the clock with a 24/7 chat (perfect for those time differences!) Discover more about the Holafly eSIM Europe here

Holafly eSIM With Unlimited Data for Europe

Best eSim

If you’re like me and are planning to travel to several destinations in Europe, it’s ideal to have unlimited data (or if you’re only staying in one country too). Nowadays, we use our phones for practically everything and recording videos, having live calls and keeping up to date with social media can eat into our data.

That’s why the Holafly international eSIM card is the best eSIM for Europe as it provides unlimited data in certain destinations so you don’t have to worry about using Google Maps too much (which is essential when you’re travelling solo and navigating your way around a city). It connects to the best network in each country and has superfast internet in more than 32 countries. Their eSIM Europe connects to one of the providers such as Vodafone, Orange, Movistar and others.

What Data Plans Does Holafly Offer?

There are several different plans that you can choose depending on where in the world you are going. Plans start from £19 for 5 days of unlimited data in Europe, £29 for 10 days or stay for two weeks and get a 15-day plan for £44. You can even stay up to 3 months and enjoy unlimited data during the whole of your trip for £87.


The advantages of these data plans mean that not only do you have unlimited data but you can purchase data from anywhere you are in the world which is great for us nomadic solos. You can stay connected and know that you’re not going to receive a surprise bill that you suddenly need to pay. 

Keeping your own number also means that you can keep in contact with friends and family via WhatsApp and have those video calls without the stress of how much it’s going to cost you if you talk for too long.

Plus, you don’t need to register or show your passport ID when you buy one so it’s really easy to purchase. If you’re usually unsure about purchasing something, there are thousands of good reviews on Trustpilot to put your mind at ease. 


The only disadvantages are that you need an eSIM-compatible mobile. Compatible phones are Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei P40 and Google Pixel (check here for the models of these that it works with). It doesn’t include a number so you can’t use it for local calls in Spain, for example, so if you’re there for business you may want to use WhatsApp or Zoom calls instead. 

You can only activate it on one device so if you delete it then you can’t reuse it. It also doesn’t include a number but that does mean that you get to keep your own. 

How To Buy The Best eSIM For Europe Online

If you’re unsure how to get one. You just need to check your phone first supports eSIM before you purchase it. Then you install the QR code to configure it and activate it before you leave for your travels or you can even you just do that part when you arrive at your destination. It’s that easy! Their international esim can also be used in the U.S and other countries too!