Benefits of Camping and Caravanning For Solos

Benefits of camping and caavanning for solos

Benefits of Camping

With many of us feeling apprehensive about travelling abroad at the moment, taking a staycation and exploring our own backyard is a good alternative. It's perfect for the adventurer in us, puts us back in touch with Mother Nature and is also a safe way to isolate ourselves but still enjoy a holiday. You have the freedom to hike new trails, cycle new routes and you can take your dog (if you have one). It doesn't cost a fortune either. Here are the benefits of camping for solos:


Camping alone in the great outdoors really helps us to get back in touch with nature. Spending a night under the stars, then snuggling into a sleeping bag with only the sound of nature surrounding us connects us with the countryside and helps us to slow down. The crisp country air will make you feel alive, and help you to sleep much better too.

You can walk through some of the area’s most beautiful landscapes, take a picnic to eat amongst the heather or find a country pub or cafe to enjoy some of the region’s cuisine whilst soaking up the atmosphere. Being in the great outdoors allow us to enjoy some quiet moments safely closeted away from the rest of the world.


Camping by yourself also provides an incredible amount of freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, something that you don’t get when travelling with others. Whether this is going for a late night stroll, sleeping in and making the most of the sunny mornings, or joining your neighbours for a drink around the camp fire, you will love the great sense of independence and freedom that you find with camping. And you’ll be spending it with your favourite person; you, so you can design the days and evenings exactly how you want them. 

Life Skills

Solo travel definitely teaches us valuable life skills, and camping is no different. With a camping trip, you are in the great outdoors and must rely on yourself a lot more than you would with a typical holiday. Getting around, setting up camp, cooking food and exploring the area solo are all experiences that will boost your confidence. Lighting your own fire and toasting marshmallows over it is more rewarding than checking into a hostel or hotel for the night.


Camping can give you that well needed time out, and reflection time you may desperately need. It is nurturing, whether you choose to pitch your tent in the forested countryside or somewhere romantic by the sea and long stretches of coastline. It’s also inspiring and can also boost your creativity especially if you choose a spot such as Cornwall, which has inspired the muse of artists, poets, and writers throughout the ages.

You get back in touch with the beauty of the world, and the time that you get to spend by yourself allows plenty of thought and reflection. You may even have a valuable insight or get the clarity that you’ve been seeking (especially if you decide to have a digital detox and unplug from the world too).

Social Side

Depending on where you choose to camp. campsites can be extremely social, fun and relaxed places to be where it is very easy to meet new people. Resort campsites often have swimming pools, sports facilities, classes and evening entertainment (if it’s available), with a choice of activities allowing you to have fun and try new things in a different setting.

Even if the campsite doesn’t have any activities, you can still meet others as you sit outside of your tent and chat to others doing the same. You don’t have to be alone if you don’t want to, but if it is peace and quiet that you need, choose a quieter campsite or wild camp – where you can camp anywhere – if it’s permitted in your country.

Solo travel and camping definitely go hand-in-hand, whether you choose to explore dunes and cliffside villages, or even just camp in your nearest park. Below are recommended tents for solos. I've chosen 2 man tents as they provide more room for all your camping gear and luggage. * You can find recommended one man tents and others on Amazon here

Benefits of camping

Best 2 Man Tents For Solos

Coleman Sundome Tent

A weatherproof tent, wind and rain tested. The rainfly offers extra weather protection and the large windows allow for enhanced airflow so your tent stays well ventilated.

* Check price, details and availability



Hillman 2 person 4 season camping hiking tent

This 2 man tent is quick is easy to set up. You can easily set up the tent with the flysheet in 10 minutes or less. The large mesh sections allow for ventilation throughout the tent, keeping you cool.

* Check price, details and availability 


Benefits of Camping and Caravanning For Solos

Benefits of Caravanning / RV

If the thought of a tent isn't really for you, how about a caravan instead? Traveling in a caravan still allows you to take in all that nature has to offer but just in more comfort. It’s a great option for those who love camping but don't enjoy sleeping on the ground, and is an affordable way to explore some of your continent's most beautiful surroundings while enjoying the comforts of home. It's like taking a road trip, but in style. There are several benefits of a motorhome:


A motorhome or RV gives you the freedom to stop and park at a relaxing campground, or a beautiful country road. You can drive for as long as you like then pull over wherever the mood takes you. You also have the flexibility of travelling for longer taking a road trip around a continent stopping at many places along the way because you have everything with you.

A Home from Home

You can travel with the same amenities you would find at home. Most newer models have luxurious indoor spaces which may include: a full kitchen, comfortable sleeping area, convention oven and microwave, full bathroom with separate shower, a table to eat at (dining area), a refrigerator, and even a flat-screen TV or Wifi depending on which model you choose and your budget.

No Setting Up

Everything that you need is within your motorhome so you don’t have to spend time pitching a tent, starting a fire and gathering all your cooking equipment as it’s all ready to go. You don’t have to find somewhere to shower or use the bathroom as you have your very own, and if you feel more secure sleeping somewhere where you can lock the doors at night instead of in a zipped tent, then you have much more security.

Taking a Caravanning Course

If you're not feeling very confident you can take a short course which are designed for beginners who want to develop some experience in towing and parking a caravan. They also provide comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding, and prepare you for any challenges you may encounter during your caravanning trip so that you feel confident before you go.  


Unless you plan on using a motorhome or RV every year, renting is the least expensive option as you don’t have to worry about storing your RV or maintenance which can be costly. Whether you decide to go camping, caravanning or rent a motorhome, make sure that you have 24 hour roadside assistance even if it’s in your own country. 

Useful Websites

Pitchup – Book and review more than 3000 holiday parks and campsites in the UK, Europe and the Americas

Britz Campervan – Hire campervans within New Zealand, Australia, USA, and South Africa.

Caravanning Club Practical caravanning training course for beginners in the UK.

Kamper Hire – Self drive holidays in the Great British countryside.

RV Share – Find an RV near you and compare rates to get the lowest price

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