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If you’ve ever wanted to volunteer and travel in South Africa in an ethical and sustainable way empowering local communities, then Be a Local Experiences is for you. Travel with purpose with this specialist travel company offering experiences in South Africa.

Be a Local Experiences aim to provide an ethical alternative to volunteer tourism in South Africa. Their ethos is ‘Give. Experience. Share.’

Be A Local Experiences

Volunteer in South Africa

Voluntourism can be used as a force for good if done in the right way. Common voluntourism can sometimes disempower communities, remove jobs that could be done by locals and cause more damage than good with unskilled workers not carrying out the correct practices for work within the community.

That’s where Be a Local Experiences come in. Their experience of working with local communities in South Africa and their inside knowledge allows them to create the best model for ethical volunteering. In this way communities are empowered to develop their own economy making a more sustainable model for their community.

Be A Local Experiences

How It Works

For solo travellers, they offer individual programs such as the African Community Immersion Program. You’ll be working side-by-side with members of the community in partnership with the Kariega Foundation on current local issues, and get to experience life in a safari game reserve living amongst the animals.

Take cooking classes with authentic African recipes, discover fascinating rituals and learn their native language, Xhosa. There are opportunities to play sport with local teams, such as Netball, Soccer and Football or learn local songs and dance. You can even make your own ceramic artwork. There are also opportunities to work alongside our resident Occupational Therapist to develop programmes for early education and those with disabilities.

Every week there are opportunities for safaris and walking safaris in a Private Game Reserve so you can really experience the best of South Africa’s wildlife and learn all about the Big 5 from experienced rangers.

Be A Local Experiences

Included in the program is your accommodation in the Kariega Game Reserve at Hunters Lodges. Three meals are also included a day. There is also a swimming pool, TV, ping pong table, laundry and plenty of board games to challenge others to.

You’ll also receive full orientation and training, and all transport on the ground in addition to working materials and a ‘Be a Local Experiences t-shirt.’ You don’t have to worry about malaria either as the program is based in a malaria-free zone. You really get to immerse yourself within African traditions all whilst seeing nature too.

Be A Local Experiences

What I love about this company is that every time you book a trip, you are supporting a student in education for a year. They also run a recycling project and a Swap Shop where children bring the rubbish that can be recycled and swop it as a currency for toys, clothing or food. The majority of their staff are locals (more than 95%) and so far, they have impacted the lives of more than 1000 people.

Who is the Be a Local Experience for? Anyone who wants to delve into the culture of South Africa, interact and work with the local community and get up close and personal to wildlife. Anything can happen in Africa so travel there with an open mind. To enquire about the price of the project and for more details visit their website.

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Be A Local Experiences