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Next Top Model

Am I actually in Mongolia or some fashion conscious street in New York? I have never felt so scruffy, next to tons of would be contestants for Mongolia’s next top model. A little black dress in a phone shop at lunchtime? why not. Now, where’s the nearest dress shop?    

Mongolia has the X Factor!!!

So it seems Simon Cowell really does have his finger in every pie: There’s a Mongolia X Factor where contestants sing in practically every language except their own – English, French, Korean, German, or Japanese. Forget Britain’s Got Talent think: Mongolian Talent People, with the lucky winner walking off with £15,000 prize money. And the… Continue Reading…


Today was the first day of my new job and I was to meet everyone at 9.30am. Setting off on my 20 minute walk from my host family’s home, I grew anxious and excited at the prospect of meeting my new colleagues, including the Manager of Star TV and the Director of Arigu Media (their… Continue Reading…