Anti-Mosquito Pyjamas – Save 10% off!

Sometimes you come across a product that you didn’t even know you needed. If you’ve been searching for a pair of pyjamas that you can take on your travels, especially if you’re going camping or to a destination where there are lots of bugs, I have the perfect pair of sleepwear for you. 

After travelling through South-East Asia and becoming tired of using bug spray and head nets, Naudia Salmon, the founder, had an idea for a new invention. Instead of squeezing into a sleeping bag liner to avoid bug bites, why not create a pair of pyjamas that do it instead! 

Hence, the anti-insect pjs was born and when I heard of this cool invention made from the eco-friendly material bamboo, I had to have them! Especially as I was about to embark on another overland camping trip with plenty of mosquitos to try them out! Here's why I recommend buying a pair of anti-mosquito pyjamas.

Benefits of Anti-Insect Pyjamas

It felt like Christmas when I received them in the post. What I love about these is that they don’t just protect you from the mozzie bites, they are also sustainable. 

Because they are made from bamboo, they are soft and breathable and snug and comfy when you put them on. I love the sleep thumbholes to feel extra cosy and keep my hands warm too. There are zipped pockets so I won’t lose my phone or torch when I’m wandering around the campsite.

The bottoms have stirrups attached to keep your ankles covered and they come with a pair of anti-insect socks. It’s as though they have thought of keeping every inch of you covered and snug. You can even attach the top and bottom together to make a onesie! 

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Other Benefits

Other benefits are that they are breathable, anti-static and odour resistant which will be great for when I’m camping and have limited access to washing clothes. Being quick-dry means that when I do wash them, they will dry in no time which is always a bonus when you travel and only have 24 hours to dry your clothes.

As well as being strong and durable, they are sweat-wicking and have a temperature control feature. I tested these outside for an hour in the UK winter and they really kept me warm. When I ventured indoors they kept me warm enough but not too hot so it’s as though they seem to adjust to what I needed. 

Another benefit is the case that they come in. Unsure of what it was at first, I was surprised to see that it doubles up as a pillowcase with a handy storage bag. For someone about to camp in West Africa, who has been advised to take a pillowcase with me, this is perfect as I can keep my pjs in them during the day and it doubles up at night into a comfy pillowcase.

Anything that saves me taking more than I need is perfect. Plus, they are lightweight and for someone who frequently travels with only hand luggage, weight is really important for me. 

Great For Camping & Backpacking 

The biggest benefit is that they keep 90% of bugs at bay. Not only do they work on mosquitos but they are 90% effective against other insects that bite including midges, ticks, bed bugs, sand flies and fleas. All of which I have encountered during my twenty plus years of travelling. 

Having spent time backpacking through Asia, this would have been a godsend at the time. And more recently at a hotel in London where I encountered bed bugs! 

They claim to be adaptive, multifunctional clothing for sleep and beyond and you could definitely get away with wearing these pieces separately as loungewear too. Plus, they offer free domestic shipping and returns.

* Click on the link below and enter the codegirlabouttheglobe10to save 10% discount.
 * Save 10% on your anti-mosquito pyjamas

Are They Good Value? 

For the price of £85 I believe they are good value. I used to only buy cheap brands and have learned the value in investing and paying more for quality products, especially those that are good for the environment and will last years instead of falling apart in a year or two. 

I haven’t personally tested them on mosquitos yet but they have such glowing reviews that I have no doubt they will survive my Africa trip. Plus they look stylish so I can’t wait to wear them around the campsite at night. Read the reviews here

Even just wearing them as pyjamas with no insects around makes them worth the value. I am someone who feels the cold easily but because they are so warm, they will be perfect for camping in the UK during the cold nights. 

If you want to keep bugs away, they also work on midges which Scotland has many of during the month of August. If you’re considering an outdoor camping trip in Scotland they would be perfect.  

I only wish that I had known about them before as they would have been perfect for my Sahara Desert trekking trip where the temperature dropped at night. And to stop the bugs trying to crawl in bed with me too.

* Click on the link below and enter the codegirlabouttheglobe10to save 10% discount.
 * Save 10% on your anti-mosquito pyjamas

Who Are They For? 

Being infused with anti-insect treatment they are perfect for the outdoors Girl about the Globe who is about to venture on a camping trip where you need to keep the mosquitos away. Or if you’re travelling anywhere where you can expect lots of bugs. 

A conscious shopper looking for sustainable products that are good for the environment and give back. These are also a great gift if you’re stuck for a present for Christmas and they come in a unisex design too. 

With the sizing, make sure to size down as their sleepwear is unisex. They currently only ship to the UK but they expect to be shipping to Europe soon. At the moment they only come in the colour grey but apparently, they will be branching out into more colours. I'd love a pair in black or even pink!

Who are they not for? Anyone who doesn’t want protection from mosquitos or who doesn’t like pyjamas!

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About We Drifters 

We Drifters have been seen in various publications such as The Times, Wanderlust and Active Traveller, credibility that the product actually works.

Not only have they created a product that helps protect you from mozzie bites but for each pair bought We Drifters donate £2 to Malaria No More (making me love them even more!)

We Drifters aren’t just nifty pjs, they have also created a community of travel and adventure lovers. You can become a drifter and join their community too.

* Click on the link below and enter the codegirlabouttheglobe10to save 10% discount.
 * Save 10% on your anti-mosquito pyjamas

Ready for my Africa camping trip


I love these anti-insect pyjamas and have a pair ready to take with me on my Africa camping trip. Having to take malaria tablets for each of the six countries that I’m travelling through, these PJ’s are going to be well and truly tested. I’ll be updating the review in January!

* Update 4/1/22: These PJs were fantastic for West Africa! I wore them a few times during the drier countries where the temperature cooled at night. They were really comfortable. As soon as we crossed into Sierra Leona it became humid and too hot to wear them. Overall, I didn't have any mosquito bites whilst wearing them. I did have a biting termite on my neck one night but for the rest of my body that was covered up, I was fine! See my pictures below.

* Click on the link below and enter the codegirlabouttheglobe10to save 10% discount.
 * Save 10% on your anti-mosquito pyjamas

Anti-Mosquito Pyjamas


Anti-Mosquito Pyjamas

Sitting outside my huge tent for one whilst hugging my We Drifters pillow

Anti-Mosquito Pyjamas

Loitering around my fellow camper's tents

Anti-Mosquito Pyjamas

Reflecting on my trip whilst sitting on a beach in Sierra Leone

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