Another Year, Another Husband?

So, I have bid a fond farewell to 2012 and have welcomed 2013 with open arms, but as this year seems to already be slipping through my fingers, I wonder:

Is this the year that I will meet my Mr Right?

It was only last year that I became another statistic divorcee, and I thought the year had come to a close with my past totally behind me. But as we throttle on, head-first into a new one, something very odd is happening to me. Maybe it's the dreary weather: the dark, cold endless nights that are just making me feel well…like nesting. Yes, NESTING!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I dislike routine and being in one place for too long has the opposite effect of most of the human race and unsettles me. So why on earth have I got the urge to drop everything and just well…settle?

I'm hoping it's just the time of year that is making me want constant pyjama days and long for Dvd nights, all cuddled up. People around me are just pairing up and frankly it's TOO MUCH.

I have to shake this nesting feeling off and get back to Plan A:

Getting out of here as soon as possible…

So, to all the single ladies out there, if you're also feeling the pain – do what I'm going to do and get out into the big wide world and celebrate your singledom over a cocktail watching a beautiful sunset, and when you are truly happy, you will find Mr Right waiting for you… (hopefully on Copacabana Beach in Rio!)

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For any man reading this, I am of course only joking and not potentially looking for another husband 🙂

For all my friends reading this, I am of course truly happy for you finding boyfriends.

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