My Best (and Worst) Moments of 2013

I can’t believe another year has gone by so quickly! One minute I was sunning myself in Croatia and then I’m back in England in time for Christmas. Seriously, where has this year gone? Thank you to everyone who has taken time out to read any of my posts. There are some amazing blogs out there and i'm really grateful for anyone who takes time to comment and read mine.

This year has been a really exciting one and I'm so thankful for all the experiences I've had, whether super fab or a little bit scary.

I've been lucky enough to have visited 25 countries and stayed in 80 beds! (all my own) and spent 6 months in total travelling about the globe. I've met some really great people and a few strange ones and picked up a couple of travelling companions along the way. I've challenged some fears (just the water and spider one left) and have learnt a few lessons to pass onto others.

It's been hard to choose but here's my best moments of 2013!

1. Sailing in Croatia and winning boat of the week.



2. Swimming with whale sharks in Cancun.


Whale sharks

3. Enjoying slow travel in Montenegro.



4. Finding out that I'm awesome at mountain biking in Canada.


Mountain biking

5. Abseiling the Black Hole in Belize.


The Black Hole, Belize

6. Listening to a choir boy in the Notre Dame in Paris. 


Notre Dame

7. Staying with a mayan family in Belize.


Mayan home stay

8. Getting all Chi Kung at a retreat in Italy.


Chi Kung

9. Meeting a Bosnian couple who's parents had fled the war.



10. Hitchhiking a ride in Albania.


Macedonian border

Okay, so this is Macedonia but you get the idea

11. Chasing Turkish riot police in Istanbul.


Riot police in Istanbul

12. Finding a cafe named after me!


Mona Lisa cafe

13. Going clubbing with the taxi driver in Paris!


I'm the one taking the picture! taxi driver to the right.

   And there are some moments that I would rather forget:

1. Getting lost at night in Sofia (not big and definitely not clever).

2. Having an awkward Couchsurfing moment in Paris (post to come).

3. Nearly getting mugged in Bulgaria (my own fault).

4. Leaving my camera on a bus in Milan (I got it back thankfully).

5. Not being able to help a fellow travel blogger.

And I've still got so many more adventures to include on my blog from my Europe trip. But the year isn't over yet. To top it all off I'm spending the New Year in Dublin!

Having never been to the Irish capital, I couldn't think of a better time to visit than in the busiest celebrations of the year. I'll be trying surfing for the first time too! (yes, in the Irish sea – why didn't I pick the Caribbean!)

   What's your best (or worst) moment of 2013?



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