Do you have many short videos left after your last trip? One great way of keeping your travel memories alive is by creating a mini-movie with cool effects and music. In this article, you’ll find out how to edit travel videos.

Been on a trip and brought back a bunch of cool content? Words and photos may not be enough to convey the full range of emotions. The best possible way to share your travel experience is to make an interesting and dynamic travel video. But just shooting is not enough. To make the video truly live, you need to edit it. This step-by-step guide will show you how to quickly and efficiently edit videos after your trip.

how to edit travel videos

How To Edit Travel Videos

Before you go on a journey…

Before you go on a trip, come up with a concept you want to capture and outline it. Such preparation step is also crucial for photo shooting. This will help you sketch out what you want to capture, the features you want to focus on, and the general atmosphere you want to create. Make a list of what you want to shoot, including the views, sounds, and sensations that keep the soul of the place.

A particularly useful tip is to make a good playlist before you go on a trip. Music is one of the main factors influencing travel videos. Many choose soundtracks already in the editing process. However, the right mood generated by music before travel can inspire you to shoot absolutely marvelous things.

#1. Choose a video editor

If you're brainstorming creative visual content ideas to add to your blog or website, you should always consider editing them in the future. Picking a top-notch editing app is vital to making great travel videos. If you're serious about creating the best content, save time by using quality editors like PowerDirector and Movavi Video Editor. Choose an editor that is fast, efficient, and doesn't lag. It's also a plus to find a tool with an active, loyal community – so if you run into problems, you'll find a million troubleshooting guides and articles.

how to edit travel videos

#2. Get trendy music

Music can make or ruin a video. This is especially true when posting content to personal blogs. Even if the rest of your editing is fantastic, poor music will turn folks off. Great music, on the other hand, may capture your audience's attention, engage them in your tale, and keep them fascinated throughout. The selection of soundtracks for your vacation film should be prioritized during the editing process. Because vocals might be distracting, stick to instrumental tunes.

Remember that it isn't always necessary to remove the background sound from your video. Just reduce its volume to somewhere up to 5-10% and add atmospheric background music – this will help the audience to feel even more into the surrounding atmosphere. Make sure you select the appropriate shots: not a loudly working lawn mower, but the sound of the sea or the rumble of the streets.

Sound effects are extremely important. This is frequently the missing piece in amazing trip videos. The absence of appropriate sound effects might cause viewers to feel alienated from what they are watching on your blog. They will just leave – is it a part of your content strategy?

When we go on a trip, our senses are stimulated by new odours, tastes, sights, and noises. You may capture such sentiments and heighten your audience's emotional response by including real-life noises in your vacation films. When shooting, the easiest method to do this is to utilize a directional microphone.

how to edit travel videos

#3. Do the video snappy

If you want to keep your audience interested, you must edit quickly and creatively. Your audio and graphic material should complement one another like on TikTok.

Edit your clips to the beat of the music so that everything you see and hear is in harmony. Change the beat of your works from time to time to something unusual. For example, fast cuts to accompany big beat drops, or slow-motion during the interval between beats. Your clips should be succinct and to the point, driving the plot along at all times. Long typical shots are dull, and your viewers will quickly lose interest.

Start experimenting with various effects once you've mastered editing to the beat and establishing a quick pace. For more inspiration, see other videos unveiling travel memories. Use them as a learning base. Choose your favourite sequence or effect and learn how to replicate it in your quick video editing.

#4. Add titles

Write down the names of locations and essential numbers, and indicate the names of the characters with whom you are having a dialogue. Select a font that is easy to read and looks harmonious.

An effective video text creates energetic dynamics, captures the viewer's attention, and enhances visual perception. Even chalk lettering can attract attention. But it should be short, clear, and consistent with the style of the travel film. You can use embossed or scratched letters, even handwritten ones on sand or glass. Each of these methods is effective when applied with a bit of imagination.

#5 Insert subtitles

This is more suitable for travel vloggers, but will not be superfluous for any distribution channel. The fact is that those transcriptions that are created automatically by YouTube are not indexed in search engines. In contrast, transcriptions that are added by the author of the video are indexed.

When users search for something on the web, your video will be processed by the search engine along with copies of web pages. If the word combinations you're looking for aren't mentioned in the title or the description of your video but are found in the subtitles, your video will appear in search results and people will be able to see it. For better results, you can add keywords and a YouTube end screen with a clear call to action.

Wrap Up

It doesn't matter where you post your travel video – on social media, on your own website, on a blog, or just in an archive on your computer, video editing is a crucial part. We hope you found these tips helpful in learning how to edit travel videos yourself. Good luck!