A Round The World Itinerary

Planning a solo trip is one of the most exciting things you can do but with so many amazing countries out there, how on Earth do you choose which places to go and most importantly… are they all possible on a round the world ticket?

Twenty-five years ago I planned my route around the world. Excited, I walked into a travel agency to book it and was told that my dream itinerary just wasn’t possible and that I couldn’t fly to Dubai, South Africa or the Maldives on a round the world itinerary. Deflated, I finally accepted where I could go and earmarked the other countries for a later date.

It wasn’t until I worked in the travel industry and tailor-made itineraries for others that I realised what a round the trip actually entailed. So I have put together a round the world itinerary that you can actually book. Here are all my favourite places in the world that are great for solo females and reasons why you should go there.

I hope this inspires you to travel around the world!

A Round The World Itinerary


London is one of the most amazing cities in the world with never-ending nightlife and so many things to do. From: markets, museums, shows, comedy and street performances, and with events happening across the capital, you could spend weeks here and still not see everything.

Make sure to visit Camden Market. This famous market is full of colourful, interesting people and is definitely worth a visit. You can pick up so many weird and wonderful things here and sample a taste of world cuisine at the Stables.

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A Round The World Itinerary


Bangkok can be overwhelming on the senses when you first arrive so escape the air pollution and travel down to one of the beaches instead. There’s a travelling route in Thailand that everyone takes so you're never be alone here.

One of the highlights of Thailand is visiting Maya Bay where The Beach was filmed. This bay is simply stunning and will transport you straight to the tropical film set in Thailand. Long-tail boats depart from Koh Phi Phi.

Overland to Singapore through Thailand and Malaysia.

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A Round The World Itinerary


Singapore has got to be one of the safest countries I've ever been to. Orchard Road is the place to shop and it seems to go for miles, full of department stores. You could spend a whole day window-shopping. The main attraction is Sentosa Island: a theme park built on an island in the south.

Make sure to experience the night safari at the Singapore Zoo. If you've never been on a safari before then will be the closest you ever to get one. Cruising slowly around the grounds on a jeep, you'll get up close and personal with rhinos.

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A Round The World Itinerary


Australians are so friendly! If you’re a first timer this country is perfect. You will always find someone to hang out with (even in the outback) and the east coast is definitely where it’s at.

Make sure to visit Tasmania whilst you're here. Don’t do the tourist thing and stay on the mainland, instead take the ferry from Melbourne to this rugged island, Australia’s largest, and visit the stunning Wineglass Bay or Cradle Mountain. Everyone can say they’ve seen Sydney but how many have seen a Tasmanian Devil?

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A Round The World ItineraryNew Zealand

Home of the Middle Earth and known for its stunning scenery featured in Lord of the Rings. The country really does live up to its image and if you love the outdoors then this country is ideal. Visit Queenstown – a mecca for adventurers, or Auckland to meet others.

The Bay of Islands are ideal for a day trip from Auckland. Didn’t think you could get tropical in New Zealand? well you can in the north. The Bay of Islands are great for dolphin watching.

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A Round The World Itinerary

One of the islands in Fiji


You may have to just book a return ticket from NZ and visit Fiji on a side-trip to your round the world ticket but these islands are why the word paradise was invented. Make sure you leave the mainland though for those picture perfect beaches.

For the backpacking solo, Beachcomber Island is the social, partying island where you can share a dorm with hoards of other travellers – great for solos.

A Round The World Itinerary

The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles

Los Angeles

From NZ to America and no other than the ‘City of the Angels,’ Los Angeles is a bit of glam after spending time in Australasia. See the Hollywood sign in the hills, window shop at Beverley Hills and watch the muscle men at Venice Beach.

The highlight of LA has to be doing the touristy thing and strolling along the Hollywood Hall of Fame looking at the famous celebrity hand prints of greats from the past and present.

Back to London!

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Recapturing The Travel Memories

I hope this round the world itinerary has inspired you to travel the world. This kind of trip is a once in a lifetime experience and once you return home you may want a keepsake to remember your trip. So why not bring all those amazing countries you just visited into your space? Hanging up some awesome art prints lets you relive those adventures of all the cool cities that you've just been to.

Whether you're jazzing up your chill living room, giving your workspace a travel vibe, or turning your whole apartment into a memory lane, you can transform your space with black and white photography, colourful maps or nature prints surrounding you.

If like me, you only have one bedroom to play with, you can still wake up to your own photos of the skyline of New York every morning. Putting up some of your own chosen prints on your walls is like capturing the carefree spirit of your travels and having a one-way ticket back to those empowering moments. 

And if you're not a pro photographer, you can substitute your images for timeless designs and classic artworks instead (especially if you have a particular style). Desenio is ideal for wall art and recapturing your travel itinerary with purse-friendly options that also look super sleek in stylish frames

Their collection has all sorts of designs to match your vibe and style. And they don't just stop at art either as they have several other accessories to complete the whole look of travelling around the world from the comfort of your own home. 


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