A lesson never learnt

It was on the six hour bus ride to Pokhara when we got stuck in traffic. In a hot sweaty bus we came to a standstill.

As we passed the scene of the accident two hours later, two buses had collided as one had tried to overtake and gone headfirst into another coming in the other direction. Luckily for both buses they had stopped inches from the edge of the cliff face. I shuddered at the thought. 

A lucky escape for a different lorry

Miles down the road we passed one that hadn’t been so lucky; a bus on it’s side down a revene and then another and another. During the eight hour journey, we passed four accidents.

And only last week it made international news that a bus in Kathmandu crashed killing everyone on board. But none of this seemed to deter our bus driver who tried to overtake at each opportunity around windy cliff paths with numerous blind spots, honking as he overtook.

It makes taking the bus a scary experience and I wonder whether these people will ever learn?

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