A Flight to Remember

‘Will you be okay by yourself Sir?'
I heard the air stewardess say as she walked down the aisle following a male passenger. They stopped by one of the toilet doors, the passenger looked like he was about to push it open then within seconds he collapsed onto the floor. Suddenly Emirates crew came out of nowhere and surrounded him, all with panic across their faces.
‘Sir, sir,' they asked.
‘Oxygen,' someone yelled.
I sat just behind the commotion. I wanted to look at the man lying just feet away from me but this wasn't a peep show, this was a man's life. Was he drunk? on medication? had he been fasting?
‘It's okay,' one of the stewardesses called. ‘He's okay.'
The man lay breathing in the oxygen as everyones faces returned to normal. Then he was taken to first class for a rest.

It turned out he was just exhausted and had fainted from the altitude. So that's how you get into first class…

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