A Female Guide To Solo Travel
Maximum adventure, minimum impact

Are You Ready To Travel Solo? 

Is there any greater feeling than the freedom of travelling solo? Being able to go where you want, when you want, and with absolutely anyone that you want. Once you’ve overcome your fear about being alone, you’ll soon realise that travelling solo is simply… the only way to travel.

Whether it is your first time or you have travelled solo before, a Female Guide To Solo Travel will inspire, empower and prepare you for your solo trip. Empowering, inspiring and full of practical advice, this guide is one of the best female travel books on the market and has all the advice you need for your solo trip.

A Female Guide To Solo Travel is for you if...

* You are unsure if you can really travel alone, 

* You want to feel more confident travelling solo,

* You want to learn how to travel alone for the first time,

* You're unsure of the best travel destinations for solos,

* You are planning your solo trip.


Why travel solo? Plan your trip, guide to the world and the reality of traveling alone as a woman, a solo travel itinerary for each continent, how to cope on the road, and when you return home. Available in PDF, and on Amazon Kindle.

Why Travel Solo?

How to get over the roadblocks, dispel the travel myths and conquer your fear of solo travel.

Guide To The World

A comprehensive guide to traveling alone, covering each continent and how to travel solo in each country..

Choosing The Destination 

Discover the best places to travel for solo females and how to choose the right solo travel destination for you. 

Where To Stay

Deciding where to stay and different types of accommodation. Finding the best method of transport for you. 

How To Cope as a Solo

How to beat the loneliness when you travel alone, what to do in the evenings as a solo, travel safety, and how and how to meet people. 

Staying Safe

 How to stay safe as a solo woman traveler and what to avoid. Help and advice if things go wrong when you're on the road.

Healthy Mind & Body

How to stay fit and healthy and ways to avoid travel fatigue to get the best out of your trip.

Conscious, Cultural Travel

How to travel consciously and be a conscious traveller. Ways to have a cultural experience.

Returning Home

How to deal with the post travel blues when you return home and get re-inspired for your next trip.

About the Author 

Lisa Imogen Eldridge is a travel journalist specialising in solo female travel. Her background in the travel industry fuelled her passion to see the world and for the last twenty-three years she has travelled extensively, living and working her way around the world. Lisa runs Girl about the Globe, an award-winning female solo travel blog.

Having travelled to 131 countries and 100 of these solo, Lisa's aim is to get you on the road to your solo trip and to experience the personal transformation that solo travel brings. She shares her solo travel experience, travel tips and advice from two decades of solo travel as a woman. Her
 solo female travel book is available on Amazon and other platforms. 


I feel much better equipped to plan my journey and probably to deal with tricky situations that may arise when I’m away. It feels like the reader has someone right alongside them, holding their hand giving advice.”

Sam Abdoolah, a First-Time Solo

It’s brilliant and one of the best solo female travel books! The continents guides are great.” I wish I’d had something like this when I did it!"

Hayley Statter, a Seasoned Solo

This book hits the nail on the head with why we travel. Whether you are a complete newbie or have travelled solo before, A Female Guide to Solo Travel has something for everyone.”

Jane Clements, a Solo Pro

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