6 Reasons You Should Visit Mallorca

From the hot weather, history and culture to the gastronomy, beaches and things to do, Mallorca is a popular destination that should be on your agenda. With a whole plethora of places to stay, you can opt for a city break in Palma or enjoy the crystal clear waters in Alcudia, the possibilities are endless.

If a stay in just one destination is not your thing, then why not use ROIG car rental in Palma airport and go on a road trip around the island instead? There are so many different ways in which you can enjoy the Island. 

Whether you have been to Mallorca before, or are considering visiting, below we look into five reasons you should visit Mallorca for your break away. 

Beautiful Weather 

All-year-round weather in Mallorca makes it a very popular destination to visit. During the winter months, the weather gets colder but it’s still nice enough to explore the city and take in the beautiful scenery. During the hotter months, you can enjoy the gorgeous heat and flock to the many beautiful beaches on the island. Alcudia in particular has lovely sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.

When the weather is nice, it’s definitely worth considering hiring out a boat or going on a boat trip to the many dive spots around the island. You could also try out some of their adrenaline-pumping activities like surfing or diving in their underwater caves. 

The Gastronomy

For anybody who considers themselves as a foodie, you are going to love dining out in Mallorca. No matter where you stay on the island, there is a whole myriad of affordable and award-winning restaurants for you to try. Mallorca is known for its fresh Mediterranean dishes, which include traditional dishes like Mallorcan roast suckling pig, Tumbet and Mallorcan soup.

Exploring the island, you will also find a whole range of other cuisines that you can enjoy, all using the fresh ingredients that are grown in Mallorca. If you enjoy a view whilst dining, Palma has a selection of rooftop restaurants for you to experience. 

So Much To See and Do 

Each day is a different day in Mallorca due to the fact that there is so much to see and do on the Island. Whether you fancy diving with the fish, exploring the architecture, walking the cobbled streets, or simply relaxing on the beach with a cocktail (or two) there is something for everyone.

For your evening entertainment, you can enjoy an opera show, head to the cinema or watch a performance at one of their theatres. Depending on where you are considering visiting, Palma is known for having great nightlife. 

History and Culture 

Mallorca is steeped with history everywhere you look. Take a look around one of Mallorca's most famous landmarks, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, or walk around a gothic-style castle that is Bellver Castle.

There are plenty of museums for you to visit to learn more about the history of the island and its interesting artefacts. When in Palma, make sure to take a walk along the old Medieval quarters taking snapshots along the way. 


Mallorca is a very affordable place to visit. Whether you are looking into a place to stay, restaurants to dine in, activities to do when visiting Mallorca or a bar to drink at, you’ll find a whole range of prices from ultra-affordable to very expensive.

When visiting Mallorca, you will generally find that the overall costs of things are less than when you visit other countries in Europe. This means you can have a great time away without having to break the bank, meaning you can book an extra holiday this year instead of only going on one expensive one. 

A Romantic Destination For One

Although Mallorca is a great solo destination, it is also a very romantic destination, with some saying it’s the most romantic destination in Spain. If you are looking for a special destination, there are some incredible hotels on the island where you can be pampered. For those who are just after a short island breakaway, you are sure to feel the romance in the city of Palma as well as when you are enjoying a sunset walk along the beachfront.

Other activities for self-indulgence could be a walk in the mountains, a dinner at a romantic restaurant or a spa break. There are so many special memories to be made and who says you need a partner to do it!

There are so many different reasons to visit Mallorca that the list could keep on going. Have you been to Mallorca before? Where did you stay and what were your favourite things about the island? Will you be visiting again? Let us know in the comment box below.