We know that not all solos stay solo forever. So if you've met your other half and are preparing to settle down couple-style, here are some ideas for your amazing honeymoon. 

Forget about city breaks or the confinement of lavish resorts! What makes a honeymoon truly special, besides sharing it with the person you love most, is an all-inclusive cruise where you get to see new places every day. You wake up every morning in a different port and a well-planned daily trip unfurls in front of you without lifting a finger or having to give it much thought. At the end of the cruise week, you have memories from so many places that it seems like seven honeymoons instead of just one.

The travel ideas below are meant to inspire the honeymoon of your dreams in a unique destination, where you can forge together special moments to cherish forever.

Solo travel in St Lucia

Enjoy the Sun of the Caribbean in Winter

Cold months call for a sun-kissed honeymoon, and the Caribbean has plenty to offer. Ranging between 3 to 21 days, cruises to the Caribbean typically depart from Florida. This is your go-to honeymoon if you are into snorkelling, diving, hammocks, umbrella drinks, colonial architecture, or stunning seascapes. Prices can be as low as $1100 for a quick couple getaway to the Bahamas and can soar as high as $30,000 for 3 weeks in a luxury suite, including drinks, speciality dining, and three shore excursions.

Solo Travel in The USA


Explore the Alaskan Wilderness as a Couple

April to October, Alaska cruise vacations are probably the most unique honeymoon idea you could consider. Often departing from Seattle or Vancouver, Alaska cruises last anywhere between 7 to 18 days and offer you unique experiences among majestic glaciers. You get to form a stronger bond with your partner in the vast tundra wilderness, enjoy whale-watching together, and relieve historical Gold Rush moments in Yukon. Alaskan cruise prices range from $2500 for a romantic week through the Inside Passage, to $16,500 for 18 days in a luxury suite and the exquisite domed rail cars of the McKinley Explorer. The bottom line is, once you pick the best Alaska cruise for your style and budget, the honeymoon fairy tale basically writes itself.

Fly to Europe and Sail the Seas

Cruises in Europe are incredibly varied: from the Greek isles to the Baltic jewels, you get to explore relics of ancient wonders and amazing fjords, bask in the Midnight Sun and take in Icelandic landscapes or soothing Mediterranean shore vibes, depending on what touches you deepest. The downside is the pricey flight to get there and back, but if money is not an issue and you really want to turn it up to 11, you can skip the plane part altogether and embark instead on a 35-day legendary cruise that will take you from Boston to Greenland, Iceland, Norway, The Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, and Canada. Titled ‘Voyage of the Vikings', it could be somewhat tiring, but … definitely unique!


The Crown Jewel: A World Voyage

With prices soaring up to $54,000 for 128 days around the world, that has to be truly a life-changing honeymoon. It also comes in smaller, more affordable sizes, like 74 days to voyage around South America and Antarctica, or 40 days for a half-trip that includes cruising Panama Canal and the Chilean Fjords, the Strait of Magellan, Cape Horn, and a 4-day Antarctic experience.

Whether it is an exciting cruise to Alaska, a laid-back tour of the Mexican Riviera, or a history-packed trip around Europe, there is a romantic and fun honeymoon idea for every new couple out there. No matter your personality and lifestyle, something special is waiting for you to discover and make the most out of. Enjoy your new life together and make unforgettable memories anywhere you go! 

Where do you spend your honeymoon? 

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