So, you’ve decided to bite the bullet and go travelling solo in China. Congratulations! You are about to embark on a fantastic journey of discovery that you will never forget.

Travelling as a single woman is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a great feeling to be in control of where you go, where you dine, and how you spend your days. However, it’s also really important to keep yourself safe.

China has a low crime rate. And as a woman, you are going to be relatively safe in the country. But doing your research before you go, can help to ensure that your trip goes smoothly. As a solo traveller, you are still open to getting attention, so do your research on which destinations within the country may be more comfortable for you. You do need a visa for China (for most nationalities), so begin processing your Chinese Visa well in advance.

Here are our 3 safety tips for women traveling solo to China:

The Great Wall of China

Respect the Local Customs on Dressing

There is a lot of freedom in China concerning what women wear. But sometimes, what you want to wear and what you need to wear will be at odds. It’s important to consider the local customs on what women wear should and it’s all part of learning about the culture when you’re travelling here.

When in doubt, try to be decent and a little bit covered up. For example, if you intend to visit Islamic places of worship, the general rule is that you cover yourself up. Your skirts should be long and your shoulders should not be bare. You may also need to cover your head. Temples, on the other hand, may require trousers.

If you intend to visit rural or religious communities in China, it may help to ask a local guide on what to wear so that you don’t offend the local people and they may become hostile.

You don’t want to unwittingly offend the locals or break any strict laws during your travels: your holiday could be ruined by that barely-there bikini before you’ve even got started! Do your research before you go to prevent any embarrassing or potentially dangerous mishaps.

2. Trust Your Instincts and Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

Every human being has an instinct that warns them when something is off. You need to trust your gut. If you feel that something is off with that person you want to go out with while in China, listen to it.

Don’t walk around at night unless with you’re with others (someone that you met in the hostel or on a tour). When you’re solo you need to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Also, befriend your female hotel or hostel staff. They will give you gender-sensitive advice on how to travel safely across China. They will tell you which places to avoid.

3. Stay in Control of What You Drink

It might seem like a good idea to try the local tipple, especially the Baijiu, a popular white spirit, or the Chinese wine or beer with your favourite hot pot. But being under the influence of alcohol can make you much more vulnerable.

If there is one rule that you should adhere to while traveling not just in China but other parts of the world, it’s that you must stay in control of what you drink. If you’ve had a few drinks, you’ll be more likely to take risks, such as walking back to your accommodation in the dark instead of taking a taxi.

You cannot afford to get drunk in a new place with strangers whose ethics you are not aware of. So, when you are in a club or bar, keep track of your drink at all times, and don’t allow a stranger to buy you a drink. Finish up your drink if you want to dance or go on a toilet break. Then order a new one when you want to sit down and enjoy the view. Or stick to the soft drinks to stay in control.


Staying safe while you travel solo is really important. Just follow these 3 tips and don’t anything that you wouldn’t do at home, and you’ll have a fantastic China adventure.