Greece is such a diverse country, able to offer a wide range of holiday experiences that will remain etched in your mind for years to come. You are bound to find not one or two, but a handful of destinations that will appeal to your specific preferences. Of course, Greece is a summer classic with over 125 inhabited islands to visit and indulge in their irresistible sun, sea, sand combination, however, its mild Mediterranean climate makes it a very enjoyable winter destination too. Here are 3 plus 1 Greek destinations that are bound to thrill you, each for their own timeless charm, some for summer only and others for all seasons.   

1, Athens – A modern city of Ancient heritage

Athens needs no introductions and is definitely worth discovering on your first few days in Greece, whether you visit during the summer or the winter. The city centre is built around its most impressively imposing landmark, the Acropolis, while the majority of its ancient ruins can be found at a walking distance radius around its base. You will be taken by Athens’ blend of ancient meets modern vibes. Especially if you are travelling solo, the most sensible thing to do is to have your walk around during the day, when the landmarks are also at their most photogenic. This way you can avoid being an obvious tourist at night, as being on your own while carrying cameras and a backpack, might make you a target.

Walk around the Acropolis from its metro station to go to Thiseio, down to Monastiraki, and then to the area of Anafiotika which is one of the most picturesque locations with great local food. Make sure you check out the stunning Acropolis museum, but be prepared to spend a couple of hours as it is simply brimming with artefacts. As for enjoying the captivating ambiance of the ancient rock at night, why not choose to stay at a hotel with an Acropolis view?

2, Folegandros – A striking yet modest Cycladic island

The Cyclades island cluster is a popular summer choice. Even though winter weather is mild, the islands can be quite rough during the winter as they are exposed to the elements. Chances are you have been to one of the high profile Cycladic islands at least once before. Namely these are Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Milos and Ios. However, on your next summer venture, consider the underdog island of Folegandros. Perfectly suited to solo travellers, it is a relatively small island that you can easily explore from one end to the other. There are various low difficulty trekking trails, suitable for all ages that allow the visitor to take in the magnitude of this island’s incredible beauty.

Make sure you visit the Chora, and saunter around the area of Kastro that is built on a dramatic cliff. And speaking of dramatic scenery, Folegandros is home to a magnificent Cycladic church that will astonish you with its striking presence. This island is unpretentious, unassuming, laid back and a perfect place to rekindle your inner balance. Whether it’s by finding some peace and quiet, by observing the local way of life, or by practicing some yoga in Folegandros while indulging in effortlessly spectacular views, one thing is certain. You will wonder why you hadn’t discovered this island sooner.   

3, Edipsos – A place of thermal wellness

Edipsos is a coastal town that lies on the north west side of the Evia island/peninsula. Evia is a diverse place, the second largest island after Crete with quite a varied natural habitat. Very green and lush in the north, quite dry and full of lovely beaches to the east and towards the south, it also boasts the advantage of thermal springs in Edipsos. Specifically, at the spa and wellness hotel of Thermae Sylla, that is in fact a historical building dating back to 1897, and is considered a landmark of Evia in its own right.

With a long tradition in wellness, and suitable for both summer and winter seasons, solo travellers can benefit from spending some pampering time for achieving absolute relaxation and, according to their needs, indulge in one or more of the many beneficial treatments and therapies. You can combine staying there to extend your quest of wellness or use it as a wellness pit-stop in between exploring Evia.  

Plus 1. An antiquity discovery cruise

And for those who wish to absorb as much of ancient Greek culture as possible in one sitting, then perhaps a Greek antiquity cruise is the best choice. A cruise is a great option for solo travellers as it gives you the chance of meeting people of similar interests on board. Another advantage is the fact that you can discover many different locations that are not often close to one another without lifting a finger. You can also make use of the optional excursions that will educate you on each location while also combining the amazing element of being at sea, travelling with comfort and safety.